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I have a problem...I don't know how to respond to a question...can someone give me a clue. But I wanted to thank everyone for the responses to Could y2k solidify technology as GOD. I was serious. I see this as a scarey, ironic consequence of the world NOT colapsing, and I really appreciated the feedbck. G

-- LYNN McQUEEN (LYNNMCQ@WEBTV.COM), December 15, 1998


My 2 cents:

Y2K is the last "chokepoint" that can prevent the complete assimilation of humans into machines. If y2k fizzles, within 100 years, we will no longer exist as an independent species. Like Chinese silkworms, that can no longer live without their keepers.

But maybe that's OK ...


-- runway cat (, December 15, 1998.


Go to the VERY bottom of any thread and you will see a link that says: respond/or post reply/answer. Click on that and you get a screen with boxes for you to type in.

-- Donna Barthuley (, December 15, 1998.


-- LYNN MCQUEEN (LYNNMCQ@WEBTV.NET), December 15, 1998.

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