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I've been preparing, stockpiling, and hardening my house in a dozen ways since early 1998. My neighbors, though prosperous and well-educated, seemed to be TOTALLY unaware of ANY possible y2k threat to their well-padded, TV-marinated existences. I would chat casually about y2k, natural disasters, send occasional neighborhood email, etc. I thought I was truly the only GI in the 'hood (though despite my survivalist impulses I know I'm not enough of a true believer for some on this board).

Anyway, what to my wondering eyes should appear last night but Lo and Behold, I found via an indirect means that one of my neighbors is much MORE of a GI than ME! This family is stockpiling like crazy, has made elaborate plans, hardened their place extensively, I mean the whole nine yards. I thought I was a fairly sophisticated disaster prepper, I was a babe in the woods to these people. And in all those causal probes, it had NEVER come out.

So, don't be to sure of yourselves when you label somebody a "DGI" or "DWGI".

Now we are embarking on a neighborhood action plan, together.


-- Runway Cat (, December 15, 1998


Hey Runway, please tell me more about "hardening" your/a house. Just wanna make sure I got all my bases (doors,windows) covered. Thanx!

-- have Q's (, December 15, 1998.

You know, I'm not an expert on house-hardening at all. The real cool guy for that posts under the name 'Dan Boone', in GN's Relocation Forum. I think he's writing a book, you should email him. Otherwise, I think Joel Skousen's book, "strategic relocation" is a good place to start.

All I've done (I use 'hardening' loosely to mean 'y2k-prep my house')

- installed wood burning cook stove - had all windows coated with 3M Scotchshield in 6 mil (stops buck) - installed greenhouse, cold frames, & numerous raised beds (garden) - refitted some locks - prepared everything needed to set-up roof rainwater catchment system - supplies of every type: ammo, tp, food, tools, clothes, &etc. - I live on an exposed hill, so I've invested in mini-binocs, full binocs, spotting scope, & night vision. Read "The Ultimate Sniper" for details. - Tons of books on: gardening, sniping, home defense, tools, &c.


-- Runway Cat (, December 15, 1998.

Ah hah! A new critter has appeared; the GIBAT ( Got It But Ain't Tellin')

-- Elbow Grease (, December 15, 1998.

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