A blonde, a bank expert and an alien

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I attended an economic development conference last week in San Diego, and the keynote speaker at the opening session--after the required comments about instructors and courses--spent the next 45 minutes talking about y2k. She passed out a list of pertinent web sites, including GN's, and proceeded to bum out a lot of DGIs. Many, of course, were busy doodling or napping, but she may have gotten through to a few. She later facilitated a discussion session on y2k, which seven people attended. Aside from myself and the facilitator, the room was people by DGIs, DWGIs and one lady from another planet. One of the participants husband works at a bank, and he was told everything is ok, so everything is ok. Another noted that the fed has printed up $50 billion, so everything is ok. The alien noted that, even if we end up with TEOTWAWKI, at least then it won't matter what color you are. I had an answer for the blonde banker's wife and the monetary expert--though they looked at me like I had grown an extra head--but I was so dumbfounded by the alien that I said nothing. Probably just as well. I'm about to the point of just keeping my mouth shut and taking care of my own family. If someone else brings up the topic, I'll take part.

-- Vic Parker (rdrunner@internetwork.net), December 15, 1998


I agree. Save your breath. The DWGIs just want YOU to tell them everything is OK. I avoid the topic. If someone brings it up, I just politely listen, nod my head, keep my mouth shut, and they end up answering their own question.

-- curtis schalek (schale1@ibm.net), December 15, 1998.

Vic - Just curious: what conference was that and who was the speaker? I live near SD. Thanks.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.com), December 15, 1998.

The alien is obviously living in another world. If y2k is really bad, it will matter a great deal what color you are. All the liberal illusions about equality among the races will be totally forgotten. People will band together with those who are like themselves. Racial affinity is real and powerful, even though European-Americans have been trying to deny this for thirty years. African-Americans know different.

-- cody varian (cody@y2ksurvive.com), December 15, 1998.

actually, Cody, the color of a good portion of the US population will be 'dead'...and I think you're misconstruing race and culture - trust me, I feel a MUCH greater level of cultural affinity with folks who come from conservative Christian backgrounds, whatever their color may be, than I do with liberals or pagans who happen to be caucasian....

Arlin Adams

-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), December 15, 1998.

Uh, oh, Arlin, now you've done it.

-- Elbow Grease (Elbow_Grease@AutoShop.com), December 15, 1998.

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