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Attended a conference recently at which one of the presenters was and is the Managing Director for Year 2000 Compliance for a major financial firm. She said she's known as the "Goddess of Gloom and Doom" and has a mug on her desk that she really likes: it says "Boys, I'm Taking Charge Here", with the first letter of each word in Bold. And I believe her, yes, I do, and greatly admire the energy she's devoting to getting her company prepared.

She also gave an excellent presentation on contingency planning, starting off with a short version of Ed's "Yelling 'Fire!' in a Crowded Theatre" theme and using the phrase "It's 385 days until the year 2000, and I smell smoke" to open and close her presentation. Got folks attention, that did.

Mac, who wonders when Jo Anne will get credit for inspiring all these sort of signoffs...

-- Mac (, December 14, 1998


MAC - I bet her initials are BB...... She's my boss. Unbelievable! She's very proud of that title, no doubt about it! I've given her a hard time about that coffe cup too! What a small world it is! That's the same presentation I give to our employees. She's the most energetic boss I've ever had (20+ years in IT). MAN!! What a small, small world it is! My boss is


-- deano (, December 15, 1998.

Deano -

She also mentioned that she has four (count 'em, 4) ulcers, which I do not doubt, given her job. Tell her she done good at the conference, far, far better than some of those presenters who were one long, boring infomercial. No doubt she heard even more war stories from some of the other Y2K PMs. If you'd care to pass some of those tales along, I'm sure the forum would benefit.

I said this at the conference and I'll say it here: Everyone doing Y2K remediation (BB and you and everyone else on this soon-to-be "deathmarch") is a hero. It's nasty and stressful and thankless and may literally mean the difference between life and death for some folks. As the Aussies say, "Good on ya!"

Give my best to BB.

-- Mac (, December 15, 1998.

Thanks Mac! Definitely nice to hear. Sure as hell can be a thankless job when you're buggin' some project team for their monthly Y2K inventory update....ha! Yeah, BB says she's got one (ulcer) for each of us in the Y2K PMO (there are 4 of us) so we don't have to worry about getting one. BTW - she's looking for your business card, said she was supposed to send you something. She hasn't forgot. Take care Mac!


-- deano (, December 16, 1998.

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