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Scary,,,, very ssssscary For the rest of the article see:

-- John Callon (, December 14, 1998


During the summer, the World Bank conducted a survey of 138 countries that they loan to in order to get some idea of how many actually were aware of Y2K. I still remember the result: 38. Yes, scary.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 14, 1998.

I think it was Infomagic who wrote: "The good news is that America is ahead of everybody else.

The bad news is that America is ahead of everybody else."

-- Tom Carey (, December 14, 1998.

My husband just came back from a business trip to Washington DC where he met two Czechovslavakian computer experts. They are here in the states for a couple of weeks training on a new computer software they will soon be implementing. These guys are highly-expert types in their gov't... When husband asked them, they said "Y2-what??? What is? Is virus??"

Husband said that he was really sorry he didn't have a LOT more time to spend with them, he felt like he had just told a couple of little kids that there was a REALLY big monster in the closet, but nothing about how to kill it or hide from it.

I'm very grateful to be here and to know what we know, and especially to have known it for so long.

-- Arewyn (, December 15, 1998.

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