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In the KEH catalog, they list three Zone VI field cameras distinguished by the following in parentheses : Wisner Zone VI Wista Does anyone know the history here. I assume the Zone VI is the current model and I am aware that Wisner was involved in the one of the original Zone VI cameras. Where does the Wista fit in??

Cheers, Richard

-- Richard Ross (, December 12, 1998


If you can find an old copy, or maybe even a new copy of Picker's Zone VI Workshop, in the rear catalog pages you'll the camera in question illustrated. It is a Wista with the Zone VI name plaque affixed. Which Wista model I forget, but it's the one without rear shift. What alterations to the design or construction Fred requested or made, I'm not sure either.

Ron Wisner designed and briefly built the 2nd incarnation of the Zone VI, and then went into bidness on his own. The most recent Zone VI is essentially the same as Ron's original, but not his own current production.

-- Sean yates (, December 12, 1998.

Ah, here it is.

According to Fred it weighs 3.25 lbs, has 12" of draw, is made of cherry, has rise, fall, swing & tilt on the front, and rear base tilt & swing.

-- Sean yates (, December 12, 1998.

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