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Is it possible to convert a Video CD files (.DAT or .MPG files) into an .AVI files so I can edit it ?

If possible, what is the software to do so and where can I get it ?

All your help or response would much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

-- iwan Sn. (, December 12, 1998


Yes. See the threads under "Saving clips", in particular the one titled "Is there a way to convert Vcd movies to avi or mov?"

-- Russil Wvong (, December 13, 1998.

i have a video cd in .dat format but it is not opening in Mac machin and i wanted that file to convert in .mov format which can also open in Mac machine also. Pl. let me know if there is any software available. waiting for ur reply sameer

-- Sameer Thakker (, August 03, 2001.

do a search for virtualdub. download it. install it. it will create avis from mpg files

-- Grunge Boy (, January 09, 2003.

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