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I've been asked to speak to a group of about 200 people in a nearby county on the Y2K situation. Many are of the "don't-get-it" ilk.
The request came from the Community Information Officer of a local law-enforcement agency. He is very Y2K "aware" but not sufficiently technical (or informed) to put the issues into plain English; nor does he feel he is adequately familiar the many possible ramifications of Y2K to discuss them in a public forum.
Needed is specific non-technical, brief documentation from authoritative and credible sources that can be shared with a group of rural farmers and others. The goal is to help them understand that the Y2K issue is not something that's a contrivance so that a handful of people can make a fortune.
As one person here said to me yesterday .. many people won't act/react until they or someone close to them is directly affected. If/when that happens, it may be too late.
I already have the preparedness info from the Red Cross site; the GAO report which openly admits that "we are highly unlikely to finish in time to prevent interruption in the flow of Medicare payments"; plus a limited amount of news stories from Business Week and other sources.
I'm seeking additional material (one page or less each preferred) which will help effectively educate rural people about Y2K. We need to get their attention without overwhelming them, sending them into a panic or causing them to simply tune-out. Mega-page government reports seem to have that effect. This is a pretty tall order considering that the most important thing on folks minds around here are the current price of milk to the dairy farmer, how badly we need rain .. will it get to -40F this winter? ... etc.
Some of the more helpful items would be:
* Admissions in print by midwest utilities that they acknowledge upcoming power failures;
* Additional credible organizations like the Red Cross that are advocating preparedness;
* Reports showing that the railroads won't be able to deliver coal to powerplants...
What isn't needed are more stories full of conjecture, opinion, or political/self-serving "spin". People already question the accuracy (honesty?) of government and news sources. Unbiased factual materials are tough to come by...
I'm in a bit of a "damage control" mode here after the president of a nearby city Chamber of Commerce was interviewed on the television news last night where he was shown saying [and I quote] "... this whole Y2K issue is completely overblown. January 1, 2000 will be just another day like any other.. and we will all skate right through it...".
Unfortunately, he was flanked by representatives from one of the large power companies in the area plus someone from a large telephone company. Both of the reps stated that "we are doing all that we can to deal with the issues and don't expect any difficulties...".
I'm sure you can see what I'm up against .. and why I feel the need to issue this request for help.
Links or web addresses to your recommended sites and sources would be sincerely appreciated.
Does such material even exist? There's sure a lot of chaff out here .. and not much wheat...
Any suggestions?
Thanks everyone ... and keep up the good work.
P.S. .. I'm already aware of the sites of Gary North, Cassandra, Y2Kaos ... and so on and have downloaded/printed over 700 pages of information thus far. This works well for the well informed "get its" ... Now I need recent simple items .. something that lesser-informed rural people can relate to... Any ideas? Thanks! :)

-- Dan (, December 12, 1998



There was a thread on here recently about good summary articles on Y2K. Try this link:

To actually see someone give a short, persuasive Y2K talk, try this link:

RealPlayer required. Hope these help.

-- Kevin (, December 12, 1998.


DAN, see any of the Steve Hartsman's threads on his Power Point Presentation. He also has it in a Word Doc.


-- Chuck a night driver (, December 12, 1998.


Also for your reference is this Article Index:

-- Kevin (, December 13, 1998.

I have no financial interest in Vanity Fair, but quite honestly, the article in the Jan 99 issue should be copied and distributed. Probably 5 or 6 pages and can be read in 10 minutes by anyone.

-- RD. ->H (, December 13, 1998.


Try CSIS or The Center for Strategic and International Studies. They are very important "think tank" that has some heavy hitters on their board and as speakers at their conferences. Incuded among these heavy hitters are Senators Nunn and Bennet, Ed Yardeni and leaders from around the globe.

Mike ================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, December 13, 1998.

Dan, I too am looking for the same type of information. I will keep your address handy and let you know what I find. I think the information that is needed is an overall picture of the difficulty of "the fix". Every idiot can understand the "00" problem. It's the scope of remediation and the degree to which our world has become inter- connected that must be explained. I truly believe that this is the missing link in all Y2K presentations - especially by the press. Good luck. Kirsten

-- kirsten (, December 16, 1998.

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