Y2K Saavy and Feisty Elders...

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I have spent the last week with my Dad, who is 70, and spent yesterday with his character of a brother, my Uncle Dave who is 77. As we sat in the Am. Legion Lounge, my Uncle proceeded to explain why he was getting the hell out of S. California by May of next year....Y2K he says...and my mouth about hit the floor. It shouldn't have really, they are all VERY aware folks,...salt of the earth types...survivors...but we talked and talked about how S. California will be real risky in terms of simple survival...water, food, too many people...

Uncle Dave will be flying his L5 aircraft to join family in the old stomping grounds in Montana...And I'm headed about the same time to my dad's acreage in rural S. Carolina. I'm so glad they are spry and feisty and still alive. I need them,...so much to still learn.

I'd love to hear about any of your wise elders...or if indeed you are one of the wise elders, speak to me.

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), December 12, 1998



My wise elder, a 77-year old WWII vetran pilot mother, just read the Vanity Fair Y2K article yesterday -- she still won't share it! I've been feeding her the Y2K info daily. 60 Minutes got to her, but today she wants to drag me down to the local Morman food purchasing store. (She's not Mormon).

She's my DGI trend indicator. Still won't consider moving and is still choosing to leave the money in the stock market. *Sigh*

Shift Happens, one day at a time.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 12, 1998.

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