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It's been my pleasure to have known so many fine people from this forum. What a great dinner/drinking party guest list !

The mix has changed in the past few months. Previously, long postings were insightful and well-thought rebuttals or theses that challenged and educated me and others. They were posted with links or prefaced apologies, but were always worth the read. I valued the concise postings from everyone who thought before they submitted. I valued the character and humor of all of you.

I'm not learning anymore. The atmosphere has changed and Ihave neither the time, nor the patience to struggle through the new style (One hour/day costs me over $3,000/year for internet & local telephone charges). Some of us did not come here to take walks through the random and long-winded thoughts of the same people on every thread.

Thanks for the experience and good luck to all of you.

-- PNG (, December 12, 1998


I feel the same way PNG, I use to learn so much about Y2K, now it is only the same rambling -- sometimes the same person answers their own questions and then in the next post gives another answer -- it is as one person noted in another thread a click. I think i will spend the time working on the things i wish to accomplish before i no longer have an computer -- a journal for the grandkids, some graphics enhanced maybe -- all of it printed before the witching hour.

good by, all of you

-- alurker (, December 12, 1998.

Dittos. Sorry to see you go. Maybe we need a new place to dwell?

-- me_too (, December 12, 1998.

Cannot blame you PNG, it is a different beastie now, a tremendous increase in plain old rambling from a small group of huge space wasters. Sure hope you will post your A-1 opinions here from time to time. Your loss lessens this place further.


-- OLD HERE (, December 12, 1998.

Your own psychology might have changed also. What once was fresh, scary, and exciting isn't as stimulating once you've got the idea, though the basic message hasn't really degraded or even changed much, your reaction has.

I mean, when you get right down to it, how much is there to say about y2k ? Even the end of the world could get boring after a while.


-- Runway Cat (, December 12, 1998.

Say it ain't so, Joe! You will be missed.

-- Uncle Deedah (, December 12, 1998.

This is the first time I've posted here. Lurked here for a looooong time and never had much to say. I learned more from you than you'll ever know. Your one pretty smart cookie. Carefully read every word you wrote. You and a handfull of others are light years ahead of the crowd. Good luck there in Japan.

-- nonewbie (, December 12, 1998.

RC; I like that quote:

"Even the end of the world could get boring after a while."

On my list, that is very cool.


-- Leo (, December 12, 1998.

God bless you PNG. I don't know if you'll see this but you made a big difference in our lives. My husband never "got it" until I printed your story about the space shuttle and gave it to him to read. He always said that engineers and computer programmers would solve the problem. He didn't say anything for the rest of the day and the next day he apologized to me and together we have made some preparations. We aren't extreme people but we decided that some preparations are better than none. My brother and his family also didn't "get it" until we mailed a copy to them. All of us want to thank you.

-- Pam (, December 12, 1998.

PNG, thanks for all your thoughtful insights and high standard of excellence. The Challenger article was stunning.

Yes, it seems like Y2K has become either a death or life watch to see if awareness is really hitting the mainstream, and if we have a chance for averting or at least mitigating The End Of Our World As It Appears Now. Time, will tell.

Good luck in Japan. Things do not look good. Soon, it spreads.

May we still e-mail you if something truly remarkable posts?


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 12, 1998.

R.C.>>>Your dime store psychology is outta line here. PNG is way out of your league, fella.

Count me in as one more who printed his posts.

-- Able (good@this.that), December 12, 1998.

Sorry to see you go. Do try to let us know before the whole Japanese banking house of cards falls, since htey lost another card today.


-- Chuck a night driver (, December 12, 1998.

PNG: You brought a unique and insightful opinion for all of us to consider. Thanks, you will surely be missed.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 12, 1998.

"R.C.>>>Your dime store psychology is outta line here. PNG is way out of your league, fella. "

Here's another dime store thought for you: Bandwith is expansive for some, very cheap for others. Gives new meaning to "talk is cheap". I'm saddened we're losing PNG to this.

-- Chris (, December 12, 1998.

Could someone tell us what thread to follow to read about the space shuttle. It must have made an impact on several of you. I would like to read it.

My computer went down for several days and in just that short time, I see that there are a lot of newbies on the forum. The world is awakening and becoming aware.

Faith, I loved your article.

-- Linda A. (, December 12, 1998.

PNG leaving is a realy tragedy. I looked for PNG's posts every time I logged on her. I miss seeing the excellent posts of Rocky, Nigel, Neuhardt. Could really learn something.

I think these forums have lost their purpose. Some of the filthy language and stupid comments make me come back here less and less. Comments like, "Modern medicine makes us live longer even with pollution." I'll not forget that moronic thread as long as I live. I agree with "Even the end of the world becomes boring."

See ya!

-- Dave (, December 12, 1998.

Linda, Its under uncategorized Threads.

Challenger, Thermodynamics and y2k

-- Diane J. Squire (, December 12, 1998.

PNG: Let me add to the chorus. Your insight has been invaluable. You've called a number of things right and have informed me on a number of issues that I needed to be aware of.

Even if you aren't actively participating, I hope that if and when you have information that can you share you will drop us a quick note. There are many here, myself included, who have come to trust your knowledge and instincts. Please keep in touch. Email one of us if you do not wish to post directly. We will gladly forward to others here.

And by the way, thanks for all that you've already done.


-- Arnie Rimmer (, December 12, 1998.

"Comments like, "Modern medicine makes us live longer even with pollution." I'll not forget that moronic thread as long as I live. "

I'm glad you've learn something and won't forget it, Dave.

-- Chris (, December 12, 1998.

Able, no need to be hostile. His posts are undoubtedly far out of my league, but last I checked this is not a competitive full-contact sport. I wasn't being hostile to PNG, or anyone else. We are unique individuals. So take it easy. I think all of us, whatever league we're in, will find some things getting stale after a while. Maybe PNG is right, time for less talk, we'll wait and see on y2k.


-- runway cat (, December 12, 1998.

Us newbies aren't near the cycle stale;
For us, anything non-Y2K is utterly pale.
The need to talk about the coming gale --
In all its forms, possibilities, and travail
Is met with disdain, hightails and rails.

To PNG, our gratitude is true
The day you've left is one we rue.
Consolation comes in the ability to do
A backward reading, with the sober view
Of hoary old threads before the zoo.

But what is this, we see at the start?
A similarity of posting, not so apart
With multiple answers from same ppl smart
And long articles posted from the news mart
Enough truth to succor peace to our heart.


xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (, December 12, 1998.

RC>>> I thought you were taking a pot shot at somebody that didn't deserve it. That's the trouble with these places. Sometimes people (me too) take things the wrong way.

-- Able (good@this.that), December 13, 1998.

Thanks, Diane, for the URL about Challenger. I missed that one, too. I printed it out and my husband and I read it tonight...The whole thread! Do you possibly have URLs to other significant PNG threads? They could be of real interest to some of the newer posters. Some of those debates were really enlightening.

-- Suzanne (, December 13, 1998.

PNG, I agree with most of what you said. I've just been on a 10 day vacation and I'm disappointed to see so many trashy new threads. There are some really sincere new voices, but unfortunately some new posters who just want to be rude. If we quit altogether, then the rude posters have won. I totally understand the great cost that you incur to visit us. I would hate to be in that position. But PLEASE, don't totally abandon us. We have learned SO much from you. Stop by with new information any time you can. Please reconsider!

-- Gayla Dunbar (, December 13, 1998.

Suzanne, like you I get so overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information here (not to mention the greater internet at large). Some posts are truly stellar. The forum needs a search engine, but Phil Greenspun had it disabled due to Oracle bugs.

It's pretty much hunting and pecking at the older threads (newer ones too) to find the treasures. Perhaps the ever-shifting "forum group" will bring the "great stuff" to the attention of us all, when they encounter it.

If I could do a global search on PNG's posts, I'd do it in a heartbeat.


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 13, 1998.

To all the whiners about the noise on this forum: don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

-- a (a@a.a), December 13, 1998.

Dear Peter (aka PNG),

I'm very sad to hear you will no longer be posting on this forum. Your honesty and foresight was not only informative but inspirational and you can count me among the multitudes who have been "touched" by your words.

After a post I wrote you were kind enough to email me privately and share this short sentence, "Never got the chance to say that your father is living in you and your son". Those words picked me up and gave me hope at a dark time within me.

I want to tell you that somewhere, within me, all the words and thoughts you shared still reside. You have touched and picked up the lives of many. Some you knew through email addresses and cyber handles and many, many others you touched though they were shrouded in anonymity. You may never be as famous as Ed Yourdon or Cory Hamasaki or Infomagic but your words still resonate and float about a world community.

I send to you my most sincere thanks, appreciation and prayers that you will remain safe and secure and live a long, happy, healthy life.

Mike ===================

-- Michael Taylor (, December 13, 1998.


-- Buthead (, December 17, 1998.

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