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Did anyone know about this?

Red Cross Y2K Guide

-- Buddy (DC) (, December 10, 1998


Server's very busy! It looks like many are going straight to the new answers too. Don't miss Ed Yourdon's response to R.D.'s thread about Vanity Fair. Y2K is going mainstream now!

-- Buddy (DC) (, December 10, 1998.

Buddy: Didn't know about it. Worth a print. Surpised (pleasantly). Even had the 'take some cash out' ahead of time advice. Hmmm.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 10, 1998.

Buddy, thanks for the post! The Red Cross has some real respect in many folks minds. If they say "prepare", that'll help me to convince some more family and friends. Have won a number of them over already, some are still doubious. God bless Elizabeth Dole for having the courage to make such a statement.

-- David (, December 11, 1998.

I told an e-mail friend about the article. I think that MIGHT be what changes her from a DGI to a GI!! (did I do that right?)


-- Flagirl (, December 11, 1998.


Hopefully, yes. Just remember that there is a Y2K Evolutionary Scale (YES), and your friend may not go directly from DGI to GI. There are FIs (Forget its) and DWGIs (Don't wanna get its) that some folks stop at for a while on their way to becoming a Get it. For more info on this stuff you can look at the thread Dont get its - is one of them someone you know It is in the awareness/general archive. Hope it helps!

-- Rob Michaels (, December 11, 1998.

OK--- still need to figure out who's gonna yell "stampede", because it's going to happen any day now.

-- Lisa (, December 11, 1998.

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