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I've been using Micro Logic's Info Select for some time now. It is a text-based PIM with free form records.

Just save a whole page of responses using "File" "Save Frame as..", then import that into Info Select. You can divide up the pages, edit out stuff if you want, but you don't have to. You can store megs and megs of pages. You can search on any term, like "InfoMagic", "big brother", "red wheat", etc. and locate all pages with those terms almost instantly.

And if you want a nice looking printed copy, you could just export the particular pages you want and print with your browser.

Check out www.miclog.com.

-- anon (anon@anon.com), December 10, 1998


I've been using Info Select since 1986 when it was called "Tornado Notes", and it is my all-time favorite piece of software in 20+ years of desktop computing. I presently have over 4,000 notes in it, including almost two megs of Y2K stuff. The really neat thing is you can find anything in there in a few seconds, even if you've chosen not to organize the stuff in any way. I left a rather long post about it several weeks ago; don't recall which thread.

I know I must sound like a shill for Micro Logic, but I have no connection with them at all, other than being a very happy user. If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them... It's hard to really see how cool it is by visiting their website. I've told many people about it over the years; some GI and some DGI. But when I show them, most are amazed.

If you wish you had a quick easy way to save all the good Y2K info you run across, and then later be able to find everything relating to a particular item or topic in a few seconds, this is the best way I've ever seen. (And yes, people at work DO accuse me of owning stock in the company--wish I did--heh, heh.) Well, I've gone on long enough.

Randy Jones Anaheim, CA

-- randy Jones (randyjones@techie.com), December 11, 1998.

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