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Thought the following might be of interest...take look at item (b)

9 December 1998 Source:


[Federal Register: December 9, 1998 (Volume 63, Number 236)] [Proposed Rules] [Page 68135-68138] From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [] [DOCID:fr09de98-33]



41 CFR Parts 101-42 and 101-43

[FPMR Amendment H- ] RIN 3090-AG80

Donation of Certain Federal Surplus Firearms to State or Local Law Enforcement Activities

AGENCY: Office of Governmentwide Policy, GSA.

ACTION: Proposed rule.


SUMMARY: The General Services Administration (GSA) is proposing to amend the Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR) to remove the prohibition on donation of surplus Federal firearms to allow donations to State and local law enforcement activities. This change, the result of interagency meetings with Federal law enforcement agencies in conjunction with the Department of Justice, will enable certain usable firearms acquired for Federal law enforcement purposes to continue serving a law enforcement role. This proposed rule establishes a centralized activity within GSA to coordinate all firearms transfers under the FPMR and specifies that donated firearms are restricted in perpetuity and may not be transferred except in accordance with this rule.


(b) Donation requirements. (1) Only hand guns, rifles, shotguns, individual light automatic weapons, and rifle and shoulder fired grenade launchers in ``used--poor'' or better condition, as defined in Sec. 101-43.4801(e), may be offered by GSA (7FP-8) to State agencies for donation to State and local public agencies for law enforcement purposes only. Donations are limited to only those law enforcement activities whose primary function is the enforcement of applicable Federal, State, and/or local laws, and whose compensated law enforcement officers have powers to apprehend and arrest. (2) Each SF 123 submitted to GSA must be accompanied by a conditional transfer document, signed by both the intended donee and the State agency, and containing the special terms, conditions, and restrictions prescribed by GSA. (3) The restrictions on donated firearms shall be in perpetuity, and they may not be released by the State agency without prior written approval from GSA. All firearms must be destroyed by either the donee or the State agency when they are no longer needed. Destruction must be such that the firearms are rendered completely inoperable and incapable of being made operable for any purpose except for the recovery of basic material content in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section. The donee or the State agency, as applicable, must state in writing that the firearms were so destroyed. (4) Surplus firearms approved for donation must be shipped or transported directly from the holding Federal agency to the donee and may not be stored in the State agency warehouse; or, arrangements may be made by the State agency for the designated donee to make a direct pickup at the holding agency. (5) Firearm ammunition may not be donated. * * * * *

-- klx (, December 10, 1998


"(5)Firearm ammunition may not be donated. * * * * * "

Sounds like Beirut all over again. Give them guns but no ammo. In the Spirit of Christmas, it could be worded, "Ammo not included."

-- Bill S. (, December 10, 1998.

Pretty typical for a few years back. Of course, I am old enough that I remember being able to buy all kinds of stuff from the army surplus that included guns of all kinds. The antis ren't winning - but they restrict everything they can, and gun sales to the public were #1 on the hit parade.

-- Paul Davis (, December 10, 1998.

individual light automatic weapons. Translation. M-60 belt fed machineguns. I know the local police really need these. Why are our police forces being turned into paramilitary units?

-- Nikoli Krushev (, December 11, 1998.

# # # 19981211

Check out this ( l-o-o-o-n-n-g ) item. Verrrrry interesting.

"Mission creep: the militarizing of America" ( By Sam Smith )

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It smells, don't it?!! ...

Regards, Bob Mangus # # #

-- Robert Mangus (, December 11, 1998.

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