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Does toyo holders have better film plane accuracy than the other holders (expl: fidelity holders) commonly found on the market? When they can be found they cost more. They also look suspiciously like Fidelity holders.


-- Pat Raymore (, December 09, 1998


I use both Toyo and Riteway holders and have had no film plane accuracy problems but with either brand. The Toyo holders have a more "solid" feel to them but I'm not sure they are worth the added cost. I shoot 4X5, perhaps the difference between the various holders becomes more noticeable in the larger formats.

-- Mark Windom (, December 10, 1998.

Hi guys,

I have both Lisco, Fidelity and Toyo. I find that the Toyos are very nicely finished, and slightly easier to load, than the other two. Andrew.

-- Andrew R Ward (, September 20, 1999.

I have just finished comprehensive measurements and statistical analysis of Toyo holders (2) and Liscos (24). All Lisco holders are in as new condition and were used only twice. The Toyo's are brand new. The Toyos came in at plus or minus 0.002" wile the Lisco's had double the tolerance for the Toyos at best, some even more. The Liscos were within the tolerances of the ANSI standard except for one. However the standard for the holders is quite broad, 0.197" (no film) plus or minus 0.007". For comparison, Sinar guarantees tolerances of plus or minus 0.001". For your info, film thickness varies. For chromes, Fuji measures 0.0095" , Kodak's are in the same range judging from the acetate base thickness specified. Kodak negative films B&W and colour are specified at 0.007" . Although the difference is minor, this indicates that for best results, perfectionists would do well to set their GG according to films used. PS: I would have liked to measure more than 2 Toyos, but because of their high cost that will have to wait. If the results with Toyos are any indication, testing them may be redundant.

-- Julio Fernandez (, February 08, 2000.

Toyo and Lisco holders and Ground glass alignment

Additional information to my thread on Toyo holders. The average registration for the Toyo holders was nearly perfect against the ANSI standard, (less than 0.001" off) assuming use of chrome film with 0.0095" thickness. The ground glass on two Linhof backs had just been reset at the Linhof Service centre. Their alightnment was excellent against the back frame but off by 6 and 7 mils, (shallow) agains the ANSI standard. For those measuring GG registration, be mindful of the frame markings for 9X12 cm formats painted on around the perimeter of the GG. These are about 0.0005" and will decrease GG depth by the same amount. This is small, but if do it, do it right! Julio

-- Julio Fernandez (, February 08, 2000.

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