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What are everyone's Christmas plans?

My fiance, Darren, and I will be spending Christmas in Sturgis with Dad and Brenda. Also joining us will be Carrie & John (the newlyweds), Pete & Heather and their 3 kids, Kelsie, Nicholas & Matthew. We are looking forward to a relaxing week (there's not much to do in Sturgis) with lots of food, family and fun (and of course a Notre Dame victory in the Gator Bowl on New Years Day)!

Hope everyone is doing well! Merry Christmas!

-- Anonymous, December 09, 1998



We (Sophia, Chug, Yi Wah, Meghan and Caitlin) are heading to Denver to see family and friends. We're hoping to see the Malones, including Jo, who is planning on being there.

The word is that we will all spend the day after Christmas in Woodland Park, which is stuningly beautiful with fresh snow.

The Goethal Christmas sounds like fun. Please give our regards to Jim and Brenda, and to the rest of your family.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 1998

Hello Cousins...

Hard to believe we were all gathered in Wichita four years ago to say goodbye to JoJo....What a wonderful woman she was!

The Kevin and Renee' Malone family will be in the Plano/Richardson area this Holiday Season...All of Renees' family lives close by in Richardson. I happen to know that Kathleen, Doug and Hailey Nett will be visiting the Denver Malones and will certainly be eager to see all of the Roberts. Jo Malone will be coming to Denver as well for the week of Christmas. Maureen and Courtney will be here at home in Plano, Texas.

I understand Mike and Francis will be staying in Dallas, so we will try to get together sometime with them. I think I noticed some construction activity the last time I drove I'm eager to see what Mike and Francis are up to.

Mom and Dad, Courtney and her mother, Maureen, came to our home for Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time. The folks returned earlier than anticipated to be with Bill Jr., who had his gall bladder removed. He suffered symptoms for a few days before and after Thanksgiving. I know everthing went well and he is now back at work. I hope all of you have a safe and joyous holiday with your loved ones.


A Merry Christmas to all of you from Kevin,Renee,Jeff,Dan and Sarah.

-- Anonymous, December 13, 1998

Patty, Ryan and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ryan is going to think Christmas happens three times this year. After opening presents at home on Wednesday, we are traveling to Michigan to visit with both our families. First in Ann Arbor with Patty's family and then a few days in Sturgis with the Goethals.

We are particulary looking forward to the New Year as we are expecting a baby boy in April. For you who are keeping count, that will make eight boys out of the nine grandchildren for Dad and Brenda.

We want to thank Chug for setting up this board. Because we don't get to see everyone that often, we really appreciate reading the messages posted on this board.

Rob, Patty and Ryan

-- Anonymous, December 18, 1998

Merry Christmas to everyone, or as Jeremy likes to say "Merry Christmas tree"!

We will be spending Christmas in Houston with Krista's family. On Christmas Eve we will make pasta with Calamari (drinking plenty of Chianti), and then test the boys' patience at Christmas Eve Mass. On Christmas we will open presents, that is if I am able to assemble and wrap the toys after drinking Chianti on Christmas Eve. Later on Christmas we will venture to Krista's parents house (10 minutes away) and open more presents. After our present opening excercise we will enjoy another Italian feast, lasagna, and then watch the kids run around.

For New Years we are traveling to Dallas to visit Mike, Frances, Riley, and Andrew. We will also see Sally, Darren, Carrie, and John in Dallas. Rumor has it that Frances has lined up a baby sitter for January 1st. That babysitter must be a brave soul!

We hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and New Years Holidays.

-- Anonymous, December 22, 1998

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hope Santa brought everything you all wanted . . . and then some! This has been a great holiday season with our whole family at home. All are well and we are preparing for a great 1999. We will be staying around the house, making a few improvements. Hope to get the kids up the hill to go skiing and snoboarding.

Mary Lou was here a few weeks ago, it was great to see her! Let us know if any of you will be in the area . . . hint, hint. :)

Be well and God Bless you all!

-- Anonymous, December 29, 1998

We spent last week in Denver and saw Uncle Emmett and Aunt Terry Malone, Kathleen, Doug and Hailey Nett, and Bill, Kelly and Jo Malone.

We spent the night of the 26th in Woodland with the Roberts family, where a good time was had by all.

Yi Wah and Meghan went skiing one day. We were planing on going up Wednesday but travel weather forced us to return one day early to avoid a storm.

1998 Christmas letter:

Merry Christmas and God Bless! Chug, Sophia, Yi Wah, Meghan and Caitlin

-- Anonymous, January 01, 1999

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