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Just curious. I want to propose a test to the Yourdoneers. That's "Yourdoneers", more like a Disney gang, less threatening than "Yourdonites", which always sounds to me like a cult preparing to greet an alien spacecraft on 1/01/00. Pass the Kool-Aid.

Complete the following to get your "I.Q." --BTW, that's "Impact Quotient."

Impact Quotient is a very unscientific measurement that guages where you are on the scale of estimation of just how big an impact Y2K will have. It reflects that estimation by your level of preparedness, or how much "Y2K Insurance" you've bought.

It differs from the "on a scale of 1-10" measurement in that it gives us a few parameters for qualitative information to compare our actions with others here. Therein lies its value... I hope.

OK, now the test:

1. For how many months/years are you stockpiling food and supplies? Or, if you don't want to reveal personal info: For how many months do you think ONE should be preparing?

2. Have you relocated because of Y2K?

3. What kinds of modifications have you made to your residence?

4. Have you changed your career because of Y2K?

5. Where is your money?

6. Have you purchased any of the following:

generator, or other alternative energy? short-wave radio, or other emergency communications? medical and dental supplies, and/or alternative medical treatments?

7. Have you done anything to create Y2K consciousness or action within your community?

8. What's the most "extreme" thing you've done, within the context of your own life, to face Y2K?

Now that I'm writing this quiz, I feel like I'm going to be out the day the teacher gives the test. Geesh.

But I am curious as to where we all fall in on the I.Q. scale. New "test" questions welcome. (Like I had to ask...)

-- Sara Nealy (saran@ptd.net), December 09, 1998


I believe that it'll be at least an "8", and possibly higher.

I've done the following things: set up a solar water pumping rig; this provides for 12v appliance in the home also, increased my already plentiful stocks of ammunition and household misc items.

I've also anonymously put out a flier on Y2k for the neighborhood. I expect that few people will act on it, but I've satisfied my moral obligation to warn people. I don't want the unprepared neighbors showing up at my doorstep. Heck, most of them won't even talk to me, so I have only a minimal obligation to them, as I see it.

I've also converted some critical appliances to ni-cad battery power, and have ample stocks of batteries and some solar panels to charge them. I am considering a generator, but have less need of it than most people.

I have increased my stock of firewood, propane.

I won't tell you folks how much of these items I own, but I will suggest at least 1 year's food, with non-hybrid seed to grow your own food as a valuable addition.

-- Bill (joestout@hotmail.com), December 09, 1998.

1. 6 months+ stock of food on hand 2. NO, I'm in a pretty good location right now, not out in the boonies, but not near a large populace either. 3. Dug up lawn to make a garden, built shed, making board coverings for windows, got dog with extra big cahoneys. 4. Yes, career change made 5. Money not in bank, but that's all I'm telling 6. Yes to most, some still in need of purchase 7. Yes, but have been stymied twice. Third time's gonna be the charm. Already 3-5 community groups going in my area, just not in my neighborhood. 8. Blew off my employer who refused to listen, bought weapons.

-- (mass@delusions.com), December 09, 1998.

1. For how many months/years are you stockpiling food and supplies?

6 months to a year (mostly staples). We plan to have rabbits, chickens, and a large garden with all open-pollinated (non- hybrid) veggies and herbs. I will be a canning fool next fall .

2. Have you relocated because of Y2K?

Yes, but only 18 miles away from our previous residence. Moved to a more *Y2k compliant house* with hand pump, fireplace with insert, 11 acres for gardening, propane gas cookstove, cellar and garage for storing supplies, and further away from heavily populated areas in the country

3. What kinds of modifications have you made to your residence?

None because we are renting but we have a pretty free rein here. We plan to build a chicken/rabbit house on wheels (more about that later..it's a pretty wild idea!). Plan to move the outside pitcher pump (hand pump) down into the cellar so that we can pump water from inside the house in very bad weather and so that our house won't become the "gathering spot" for everyone for miles around (we have some misgivings on this idea...more about this later too - I am composing a new post in my mind in which I will list all our concerns and solicit suggestions). We have a woodstove ready to hook up in the cellar if we need it. We are re-insulating some areas of the house and in spring will be re-caulking and re-setting most of the windows (house is about 35 yrs old).

4. Have you changed your career because of Y2K?

Not yet, but husband is seriously thinking about it. We are torn about this. He has several offers to do some work on Y2k remediation, but we aren't sure we want to move *again* so soon. He works for an independent power plant now and it's a good job for as long as it lasts. I am a stay-at-home wife and I intend to keep on being one. :-)

5. Where is your money?

LOL! Well....what's left of it is around here...somewhere . Ain't tellin'. It ain't in the bank you can bet your booty on that! It ain't *goin'* into the bank either! Most of it is being put into buying supplies and preparing. We will have a stash of *ready- cash* but most of our large money is being spent as we speak. We will have ones, fives, tens mostly just squirreled away....somewhere. :-) We took the maximum loan allowed on our 401k (can't close it out unless hubby quits the job), and we plan to do that again late next summer. We figure (a) still employed, infrastructure basically intact with some *bumps in the road* - no problem we can bolster our savings back up again after it's all said and done, or (b) unemployed and total infrastructure collapse - that green paper probably won't be worth much by then anyway.

6. Have you purchased any of the following:

generator, or other alternative energy? short-wave radio, or other emergency communications? medical and dental supplies, and/or alternative medical treatments?

generator - nope. We are doin' it the old way: wood heat, gas for cooking while it lasts; then with wood, oil lamps for light, hand-pumped water. Hubby is rigging up some kind of wind- powered/solar arrangedment for radios, computers, etc. We don't want to be too dependent upon fossil fuels. :-) radio - that's next on the list to buy...a good shortwave with lots of batteries and/or solar panel to power it. Closest family is about 3-1/2 hours away - we joke with them about getting carrier pigeons to communicate but methinks sometimes it ain't a bad idea! medical/dental - yep. Have a first aid kit all assembled. Have some antibiotics stashed. We use herbs for some ailments and since I plan on a majorly large herb garden, we should have plenty of those! We both wear glasses so we are getting two spares in the spring (waiting so insurance will cover most of it..heh), we plan to visit the dentist late next summer for *overhauls*. BTW, spoke to my dentist about Y2k, and he said, "I plan to be here forever. No matter what happens, I will be here and working." (he doesn't GI). We both smoke those nasty cigs and are going to try and quit soon . (Addictions suck)

7. Have you done anything to create Y2K consciousness or action within your community?

Not yet, and this is a big concern of ours. We aren't sure how to approach this, or even *if* we are going to mention it. I am going to post on this later once I get my thoughts sorted out. It's a dilemna for us. Could be a tough decision to make. Well...more on this later.

8. What's the most "extreme" thing you've done, within the context of your own life, to face Y2K?

Hmmmm....extreme? LOL! Well, I think everything I am doing now is *extreme*. I usually don't dwell upon a topic day and night, I usually don't buy 50 bags of beans at a time and I usually don't have a garage full to the rafters with firewood! This whole thing has literally changed our whole life. Literally. At first the family thought we were absolutely nutz! Now they are starting to prepare too so they don't razz us as much, although one brother-in- law still calls me "Doomsayer Queen". LOL

Bobbi (who definitely HAS beans!) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "It's fun to do the impossible" ---Walt Disney--- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Y2k? http://www.buzzbyte.com/ Got water? Got Beans? Take the Y2k Preparation Quiz!

-- Bobbi (volfnat@northweb.com), December 09, 1998.

1. One year for 20 people, 5 are children, 2 infants. (I have the safest place). I'd prepare for 10 years if I could. 2. I bought a house a few months after I GI, and bought it because of it's ... potential, but it was only 3 miles from where I lived. 3. Got a wood stove that I haven't installed yet. Planning for a cistern(s). Am on septic, thank god. 4. Yes. Moved from MIS work in electronic manufacturing to MIS work in HMO/insurance. No inventory here. 5. Closing on house wiped me out, rest is going into supplies. 6. Not yet. Still broke. Some of my guest will be bringing some hardware. And big dogs. 7. All the time. I never shut up. Scared the sh(*&t out of the Rotary club leader the other day, now I have to speak in January. Wrote a great, summarized, non-threatening letter to editor, waiting for them to publish it. They haven't called to verify me yet... 8. Shattered my 31-year-old level-headed reputation by completely embracing what to do about this.

Here's my most effective argument: "Suppose ALL Y2K problems are fixed,even banks, EXCEPT POWER. Let's say power goes down for 5 days, internationally. What are you going to do on the 6th day? Go to work to get a paycheck? Will they be open? Will the grocery store be open? When will you be able to replenish your food supplies? Who will feed you and your family if you can't?"

I suggest to people to have at least a month, but if the above scenario, word for word, were true, we'd really be at a 10 and wouldn't come back up for 10 years, if that.

-- Lisa (should@I?.com), December 09, 1998.

1. Slow getting started, plan to prepare for six months and plan to grow what is needed, camp at home and help the community get ready to as well. Be ready to be mobile if necessary: a) by car, b) by bike and cart, c) by foot.

2. Yes, but not because of Y2K.

3. None yet, have all the camping supplies.

4. Yes. Not spending much time job-hunting (gotta get to that), but what I intended to do has now become completely refocused on Y2K community consciousness raising activities.

5. Money? Whats that?

6. Have a solar powered wind-up radio, candles and matches, wood, hiking boots, aromatherapy supplies and a few healing tricks up my energy sleeves.

7. Posting here, e-mailing the local and national newsmedia (and Oprah), doing my Y2K homework, practicing my internet research and writing skills, preparing the back-up information tools to help locally, and create community.

8. Learned to live, in the moment, and get more impeccable at following inner guidance. Knowing I have alternate help at all times. Trusting -- with a capital T -- that I will be guided and cared for. So far, its working quite magically.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 09, 1998.

Thank you Sara...This is the type thread that most interests me at this stage in my Y2k preparations. I worry that I may have some "blind spots" and the more I learn about the preparations of others the better my family program will be. While I want to prepare for an 8 I will prepare for at least a 5-6...which is anything and everything needed for 6 months (for family of 12). I am mostly retired and have my life savings to protect/use for our survival. I live in a nice area of north Phoenix. I have citrus trees in back and a small garden area. I have many 55 gal plastic drums filled with water (at back of house). I have been to LDS cannery 4 times (8 hours) for dry food long term storage. I go to Sams and Cosco for many things plus WalMart. I also have lots of wheat and many 5 gal plastic buckets. I have all important papers in fireproof safebox....iron bars on all doors and windows...one pistol, 2 22 rifles and 3 types of shotguns....a stone fireplace....cash, some gold & silver and barter items. A generator and will get most of fuel later. Solar radio, solar battery charger, outdoor solar lights (can bring inside). Stocking medical and dental supplies...walmart has a cheap dental kit....will drop down to Mexico for some supplies. I lay Y2k questions and/or information on everone. I have written Oprah, my congressman and Senators and talked to newspaper. Compared to my life style of 8 months ago everything I am now doing is "extreme". I have a cousin on a ranch south of town and this will be ready as a "fallback" position. We all like our privacy so I realize how each of you feel when you share your personal preparations. I'm doing a reread of Atlas Shrugged and Lucifer's Hammer.

-- ronbanks@webtv.net (phxbanks@webtv.net), December 09, 1998.

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