Ultra wide angle lenses

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Does anyone have any experience of using ultra wide lenses 15mm-?, 18mm-?. I have seen one advertised a long time ago but can only find that Konica didn't produce one. (unless you know differently)

-- Anonymous, December 08, 1998


Ultra-wide angle lenses


Bill Malloch (his email is on some of his postings) has some 15mm Hexanon fisheye lenses. Apparently they are of good quality, comporable to Nikon in image quality (people have been said to buy a cheap Konica body just to use that specific lens). You might ask him for more info. I think he might even have some pictures scanned that he took with it.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 1998

Hexanon fisheye and wide angles

Hi Dan. Konica did make a 15mm/f2.8 Fisheye that is among the best of its type. Because of the 180 degree field of view it has 4 built in filters that rotate into position. A rare lens and fun to use. As for other wide angles Konica also made a 21mm/f4 (sharper than nikon equivalent),21mm/f2.8 (rare), 24mm/f2.8, 28mm/f1.8 (very rare) and the good old 28mm/3.5 which is also among the sharpest in its field if you get the original formulation. The forgoing are all Hexanons and not Hexar which was made for Konica by a third party as an economy lens. e-mail me for more info if you want. cheers.

Hello Tim and thanks for the message.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 1998

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