Will Koskinen come clean?

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In an effort to avoid last-minute fear and inform the American people early about the coming Year 2000 problem, Y2KNEWSWIRE.COM, the Internet site that offers a free daily Y2K e-mail alert, today urged the President's Y2K Czar, John Koskinen, to provide more details to the public. A Y2KNEWSWIRE statement, available at http://www.y2knewswire.com/koskinen.htm asks Koskinen to explain the potential impact of the Millennium Bug to the American people and calmly encourage a common-sense, 30-day lifeboat of food, water, and heating and medical supplies. "It's time to level with the American people," says Mike Goodin, spokesperson for Y2KNEWSWIRE.COM. "They've got to be informed about the Y2K threat to the federal government and private industry. They've got to be prepared to ride out potential disruptions in food deliveries, water treatment facilities, and power utilities." Furthermore, says Goodin, people need to be informed of the possibility that some companies and federal agencies -- such as Medicare -- will simply not be ready in time.

Let's hope he responds favorable. I'd like everyone to have a stash in their home.


-- Diane (DDEsq2002@juno.com), December 08, 1998


The problem is, Diane, it was never the feds intent to give a practical, timely alert to the American people. It doesn't serve them in the least to contend with a comfortably stocked, aware populice at all.

This administration's plan is: Keep'em dumbed down & dependent at all cost. Bill, Hill, Bob & Butch will prevail.

-- Charles R. (chuck_roast@trans.net), December 08, 1998.

I suspect that the local Emergency Response teams will "rule" come Y2K. The S.F. Blackout illustrated that one nicely. FEDs won't even be an issue.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 09, 1998.

<< I suspect that the local Emergency Response teams will "rule" come Y2K. >> quote of Diane's

Yes, FEMA *knows* this will be the case. That's why FEMA is involved with Fire Depts & Neighborhood Associations training as many local Emergency Response teams as possible. The training is superb. One can go deep into it, with many advanced courses and drills. There is a focus and push to train citizens to be ham radio operators. There are coordination drills of relays between the hams and NETs.

Some people seem down on FEMA or think they are part of a conspiracy. I don't know anything about it, maybe it is or isn't true, but I do know we are very grateful for the excellent training FEMA has provided us. In the training, it is abundantly evident from the first hour that FEMA knows and expects local "ordinary" citizens will be the bulwark of civilization, rescues, and aide.

Ashton & Leska in Cascadia, who are the Neighborhood Emergency Team leaders by default of a large area of wealthy residents who have not taken the training, and who are team members of another city, and who will become team members of a third city. [Because we live with our patient/s, we aren't sure where we'll be when disaster strikes]

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx

-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), December 09, 1998.

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