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-- Bobbi (, December 08, 1998


Truth does indeed matter. Truth without exaggeration or coloring or emotion. Unfortunatly, we are not likely to get it - too many companies are afraid that if they reveal the actual truth about their Y2K preps - some other company that lies about it will get all their business - at least for the next year.

-- Paul Davis (, December 08, 1998.

Ah, but Paul, with the info puzzle pieces we can put together an indicator that "all is not well" and those clues may well be used to interest one's local newspaper's investigative reporters.

Please find your favorite writer and strike up an e-mail conversation with them. Help them "tell the truth" for the rest of us. I have noticed if one major metropolitan paper originates a Y2K story, many of the national newsmedia tend to reprint it.


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 08, 1998.

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