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I looked around on this board for the long nursery ryhme given by the lady at the end of "The Purge", could someone please post it here?

-- scott (, December 07, 1998


something like...

einks sphinx, the old fly winks the fat begins to fry no one home but jumping joan mother suzie and I

blah blah

every nave needs a slave you or he should must by thy

... something like that..

-- divinity (, December 07, 1998.

This could be an interesting little litmus test... everyone respond without cribbing from the videos:

Hinx mynx, the old witch winks, The fat begins to fry. Nobody home but jumping Joan, father, mother, and I!

Stick, stock, stone dead, Blind man can't see! Every knave must have a slave, You or I must be he.

-- Charlie Princeton (, December 07, 1998.

I think you got it charlie.

-- Commander Blood (, December 08, 1998.

I have a gut feelingthis rhyme was spawned from one of those famous Chung-dreams.

-- Frostbite (, December 08, 1998.

I would have to say the content probably came from a dream, but the verse would be impossible to recall from unconciousness.

-- Owen Black (, December 09, 1998.

I though the first line was very reminiscent of this old rhyme, even the same tune:

Jack Sprat could eat no fat, His wife could eat no lean, And so betwixt the two of them They licked the platter clean.

Not that it matters if it is.

-- Philip Mills (, December 11, 1998.

The Hostess Nursery Ryhme sounds like something my uncle once said, which although sounds cool, was actually stupid because he was trying to quote Thomas Jefferson at the time.

-- Chaos Knight (, December 11, 1998.

All I know is that it's my answering machine greeting. No one ever comments. They just probably think, "Robert really is a nut". In fact I usally just get a dial tone. Go ahead and leave me a message, (562) 434-6563. ______ Robert

-- Robert F. Beck (, December 13, 1998.

Thats pretty funny, it will keep those annoying solicitors off of your messages. I got one last night which was something like three minutes long.

-- Commander Blood (, December 13, 1998.

It was burned into my memory the first time I saw it aired on tv. Inks, minks, the old witch winks The fat begins to fry. Nobody home but jumping Joan, Follow mother and I Stick, stalks, stone dead, Blind men can't see Every knave shall have a slave, you or I must be he.

Now does anyone know who in Aeon's world is named Romeo Svengalli, and the meaning behind that name? I do. Hehehe...

-- Romeo Svengalli (, October 18, 2001.

i'm pretty sure it's a classic nursery rhyme

-- yakov grinberg (, January 21, 2003.

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