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Shooting 4x5 for a couple of month, I sometimes feel if I could have more rectangular format for landscapes and architectures. With my Schneider 72XL, I can get really wide when shooting with 5x7. But format changing sets aren't cheap in linhof, Sinar, etc! The criteria of my next camera is then as follows: Masayoshi

-- masayoshi hayashi (, December 07, 1998


Canham's smallest wood camera is really a 5x7 with a reducing back. The camera is $2500 for either 4x5 or 5x7, then it's only another $400 or $500 to get the back for the other format.

Canham's metal 5x7 can be fitted with a 4x5 reducing back for similar costs.

There are 5x7 expansion(?) backs for the Wista and Tachihara wood cameras. These will handle a narrower range of lenses than the Canhams, but cost a lot less.

There are probably other (older) 5x7 cameras out there with 4x5 reducing backs available - that's going to be your most common, and most bulky option.

-- mike rosenlof (, December 08, 1998.

If cost has to be kept to $1000/$1500 I'd suggest the Deardorff, which fits all your criteria. Cheaper classic 4x5/5x7 cameras won't handle wide-angle lenses well. Canhams are great 4x5/5x7 cameras but cost around $3000 with both backs.

-- Quang-Tuan Luong (, December 08, 1998.

If you can find an older used Anba Ikeda wood field camera in 5x7 with the 4x5 back it will fill the bill. It will work fine with a 65mm wide angle and the 500 Nikkor or 600 Fuji tele lenses as well.

I believe they are only available on the used market now.

-- Dan Smith (, December 09, 1998.

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