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I have received an email attachment of a dummy layout for a Junior Journal (Jr. Summit) front page and would like to put it in the Public View section of that site. How do I do that? jack driscoll

-- Jack Driscoll (, December 07, 1998


A good question. I had a conversation with Jack and learned that the email attachment was an image file. He put it in the Public Storage. This is a very good strategy for storing an image that you'd like others to see. Everyone with a login can view the items in Public Storage. However, in this case, it happened that the image was a bitmap file (file extension was .bmp). So when Jack went to view the image in Public Storage, it looked as though it was an empty file. The reason was that most HTML browsers won't display bitmap images. So the moral is, if you want to upload an image file to be viewed or published, be sure that it is either JPEG or GIF format. Those are guaranteed to be fine with all browsers, except text-only browsers.

-- Ingeborg Endter (, December 08, 1998.

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