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is taijutsu the fight ing art of ninjitsu ? is ninjitsu a good martial art compared to tae kwon do ? if so are you man enough for a duel ?

-- master billy lowe (, December 07, 1998


taijutsumeans body techniques,refering only to the unarmed fighting techniques of the overall fighting system tae kwan do(foot-fist way) is a modern amalgamation of techniques of several martial arts chiefly hwa rang do (the way of the hwarang warrior)concentrating on foot techniques(developed to kill people riding horses)considering that almost all"real" fights(no holds or techniques barred)end up on the ground,tai kwan do(I hold a black belt from grand master sang kee paik in madison,wi)is woefully under-prepaired.nin-jutsu,however develops many techniques that are QUITE effective at dislocating elbows and knees from a grapple to reality,we don't study a martial way,or style to kick a but kicking contest,my wife with her glock-do can kick anybody's ass,from 50 yards away! martial arts are about the unending pursuit of self perfection.peace

-- zoobie (, May 31, 1999.

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