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My community (Cambridge) apparently has no community-based Y2K group, so I am thinking of starting one myself. If anyone from this locale is interested in community action please e-mail me. Thanks.

-- Sharrhan Williamson (, December 07, 1998


Sharrhan, Go to, the Y2K People Finding People website. You can register your email address and location there, and you'll be sent a list of others in your area who are y2k-concerned. Lists of registrants are compiled and distributed on a monthly basis. This project enables you to communicate with others in your area anonymously online, then to decide whether their attitudes and goals are similar enough to yours to meet and work together. From this page, you can also jump to the People Finding People list of active communities in your state.

The more of our neighbors who can be prepared, the better off we'll all be. Working together we can achieve much more than we can working individually. The People Finding People site is an excellent way to begin. Best wishes to you in gathering together a team.

-- Faith Weaver (, December 07, 1998.

Also, try the Cassandra Project. Sorry, not savy enough to provide you a link. They will have a list of Y2K communities. You can search there for your geographic location.

-- Christine A. Newbie (, December 07, 1998.

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