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As a response to your article on "Learning is the Key of Life". It would be safe to say that it paralels my article "How I Got My Degree... in the respect of every one has a path to choose and sometimes we get cheated. I find myself learning and teaching this all the time. although, I appreciate their creative thoughts on how to be educated and the best practice. I question the right and wrong of "our" fast paced society. As one who appreciates good conversation with family and friends. I conflict with a lot of my extended family in the raising of our children. Eiether today's values often conflict with mine or I'm one of "them". "Them" meaning those who take one day at a time and are not out to be better than thy neighbor. I appologize for digressing from the article.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1998


Hello Dawn: My name is John Hansen. I'm the discussion facilitator(new). I'm also an instructor in the Communication Department here at UMD. Your thoughts are a good start. I would really like to see more along the line of what we can do in the classroom to show the diversity of opportunity and examine the fact that success or failure may be a more personal question rather than a societal issue. What do you think? Please offer your thoughts. Thanks! John

-- Anonymous, March 03, 1999

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