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I've done it in the past, guilty as charged. But only popcorn.

Am I nuts (yes) or are we under the influx of the trolls?

I will not feed them if you don't. Deal?

Howbout it folks, a little social experiment to see if they really DO go away if you ignore them?

-- Uncle Deedah (, December 06, 1998


what's a troll?

do bogeymen get lsd?

can i be a boogeyman if they do?

or failing that a boogerman?

jerry jerry jerry jerry

-- JERRY!!!!!! (j@j.J), December 06, 1998.

Deal. Actually, it reminds me of a forest fire. The fire drives all manner of creatures in front of it from Bambi to slugs. Ignore the slugs (almost 100% male and young) and they will move on out of boredom.

-- RD. ->H (, December 06, 1998.

Absoposilutely, Uncle. Am I mistaken in seeing a huge surge of new names and ugly trolls here lately? The newbies are fine (although maybe it's time for a FAQ to answer some of the basics), but the trolls leave a lot to be desired. Not even witty or amusing. What we need is a better class of troll, if we have to have thenm at all.

-- JDClark (, December 06, 1998.

Count me in too Uncle.

JD: Your right about the newbies. I reactivated the What About You thread last week and have been thinking the same thing as you regarding the FAQ's. Maybe it'll help keep down the number of questions where stuff has been covered already. I'll work on putting something together along those lines that will include what we already have for newbies. Kind of like a README for newbies. Don't deduct too much for speeling though, Uncle. LOL.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 06, 1998.

About time Uncle put his foot down! ;)

-- Chris (, December 06, 1998.

Yep. There are some sewer rats surfacing. I think their forum longevity is about one week. Less if we ignore 'em.

However, I will point out that we had similar concerns about one new poster who has turned out to be a valid contributor, allbeit somewhat blood thirsty, so perhaps we shouldn't try to throw all babies out with the bath water, especially if they start contributing something of value. That is the acid test.

(This site still needs a search engine).


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 06, 1998.

With that one we were concerned about the actual content. With these, who seem to be contributive content challenged, I don't know about waiting. maybe we just unleash the hackers and don't tell them about the weekly anti-virus toll we pay?????


-- guess again (flame.PROOF@this.time), December 06, 1998.

How utterly arrogant and selfish. You do not own this forum. I believe Ed set it up as a source of discussion for everyone to gain awareness, not some kind of exclusive club that scoffs at newcomers. You all proclaim to want to inform everyone else in the world about this, and then you ridicule those who join in. Disgusting.

-- newbie (, December 06, 1998.

Ignore the young ones, they'll go away (die) ...Another beer, please. Another limmerick anyone?

-- Lurker (, December 06, 1998.

Newbie, everyone is welcomed here indeed. What's not welcomed is the childish flame baits and obcene/foul language.

(Sometimes my blunt personality makes sense to me.)

-- Chris (, December 06, 1998.

The forum does play out like an exclusive club sometimes. It's not obvious why naive newbyness or wacko trolling is any greater waste of bandwidth than the in-group chit chat and mutual masturbation which fills many of the threads. (No offense intended.) William Casey jnr was a lot of fun, I thought. And if we keep pressing Paul Milne's buttons, maybe he'll totally flip out or something. All the NWO talk is funny too, though to see peoples' take on TPTB.

-- humpty dumpty (8675309@?.com), December 06, 1998.

Humpty; Perhaps. But we Do seem to try to keep it to a family level. Most of the time.... there are, however some threads I would not want my spouse reading just because the language and some of the gutter concepts would nearly turn her into a DWGI and then I'd be in a real problem.....Course, SHE is the one who taught me my Yaqui and Polish ...ah,,....idiom, as it were.

If she lights up, she CAN remove deck paint at 50 feet without breaking a sweat, but still, my daddy taught me the RIGHT way around ladies............


-- Chuck a night driver (, December 06, 1998.

well said cr.

I'm all for ignoring the obscene trolls who post garbage. What they want and feed off of is ticking us off.

Newbie, I think you've misread the intent. If anything, people here want more community understanding of the seriousness of y2k. We've all tried to raise awareness and focused energies on getting the media involved.

It's the needless flaming and rude posting that get's us angry.

IMHO anyway.

Mike ============

-- Michael Taylor (, December 07, 1998.

In second thoughts, maybe the trolls are the best people in the forum. They are certainly superior to my pathetic posts and lame attempts at humor.

And I have to retract that crap which I said. We should encourage them as much as we want. They are vital and neccessity to the existence of this forum as we want to know it.


-- Uncle Deedah (, December 07, 1998.


-- Dunno (, December 07, 1998.

What was that old kids song Donna, a chorus line went something like "I'm a troll foldie roll" what was the rest of it maybe it was just a Brit thing.

-- Richard Dale (, December 07, 1998.


(felt the need to bring this back to the top)

-- Uncle Deedah (, December 07, 1998.

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