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Those who missed Gary on Art Bell last night missed an EXCELLENT show. But if you have capacity to play audio you can hear it for free at this link:


Get the Fri/Sat show Dec. 4

Gary North comes on in the second hour at 11:00 Pacific and is on for 4 hours.

Some of it may be common knowledge to us on the forum but this is an excellent way to get through to DGI's. It is scary. They pushed the envelope to the extent of saying everything except the exact words "begin to panic now". Art basically said that since 60 minutes has already revealed that the government is printing an extra $50 billion, he will not be responsible for revealing information which may cause bank runs.

Since there hasn't been much revealing coverage in the papers or on the news, this is a good way to lend some credibility to your efforts. I encourage you to tape it on cassette and give it to anyone who doesn't have access to the audio by computer. Art Bell sells high quality commercial-free copies for $15-$20 ? but you can do this for FREE!! Makes an excellent stocking-stuffer! They may not like what they hear, but in the long run it could save their life and they will live to Thank You someday.

As Art kept saying - send a copy of the show to "those you love".

(special thanks to Sheila from earlier post who is listening to it now and confirmed that it is good!)

-- M.D. (md@here.com), December 05, 1998


Hey, American radio.. cool ;)

Listening to it now. Do you get this kind of stuff all the time? Far better than the AM trash we get in Australia..


-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), December 05, 1998.


Art Bell is the #1 rated talk show in the States, for good reason. He is heard in many countries and has an average audience of about 10 million. He is on late at night and talks a lot about UFO's, so many people don't take him seriously. The fact of the matter is that Art is usually discussing important facts about important issues 6 months to a year before mainstream media even knows it exists, and I am fortunate to be able to listen at those late hours. Those who are not able to listen should check his website (www.artbell.com) for topics of interest and get the audio files from Broadcast.com. The man is a visionary and you won't hear intelligent discussion like this from your average Monica-oriented TV news station.

-- M.D. (md@here.com), December 05, 1998.

Just a little correction. Art Bell is #3. Rush Limbaugh is #1. Dr. Laura is #2.

-- Tim (mexter@aol.com), December 05, 1998.

I really want ot listen to this but was unable to go there. Are you sure this is the correct URL. Can someone do it do we can just click on it and go.

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), December 05, 1998.

M.D., don't forget, in their discussion -- yes I stayed up 'till 3:00 am -- they did talk positively about the awareness that 60 Minutes and Dan Rather with Eye On America triggerd last week. It IS starting to hit the mainstream news! May get quieter over the holidays and pick up again after the new year.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 05, 1998.

"Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot"

He sounds like he is working himself up to a heart attack every time I hear him "He lied!! - He lied!! - He lied!!" "Peeerrrjjuuurrryyyy!!!" It really is laughable.

"Dr." Laura claims to be some kind of psychologist, psychiatrist, or psycho-therapist, but what are her credentials? What amazes me about this woman is her incessant BITCHING! Why is she so angry? Seems like she needs help more than any of her callers. (BTW, what's the story with that nude photo thing about her?)

-- infoman (infoman@web.com), December 06, 1998.

Infoman, quit saying Rush is a big fat slob, he has lost 90 lbs. and looks great. Is it his weight that bothers you or what he has to say? He's really the one that keeps bitching! Can you visualize Dr. Laura and Rush sleeping in the same bed? HMMMMMMMM..Now that's a fantasy worth thinking about! Don't take either one seriously, they are entertainers and nothing more.

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), December 06, 1998.

That IS pretty funny!! They would be perfect for each other - Mr. and Mrs. Neurosis!! You would REALLY have to feel sorry for their kids. Omigod - I hope that NEVER happens - ha!

-- infoman (infoman@web.com), December 06, 1998.

Linda - did you find it yet?

I don't know how to make a "clickable" link, but if you select the above address by dragging your cursor, then holding down "Ctrl" + "C" keys, this will copy it. Then insert into your address box, using your "Ctrl" + "V" keys, and hit Enter. The file you need should be staring you in the face - save it to your disk and use RealPlayer to hear it. Perhaps you are typing in the wrong address. In this case it is not "www" but rather "ww2". Good luck.

-- M.D. (md@here.com), December 06, 1998.

For my money, I'd rather listen to the folks on the United Bradcasting Network (UBN). They have a great cast. My three favorites are:

Jim Hightower - Great commentaries (with guests) on the political and social issues. Here is where I first heard of important farm issues, especially the design of this new plan of seed companies for "control of plant gene." Aware farmers are horrified by this. Heard of this? First heard of China-gate here. Etc.

Jerry Hughes - Great commentary with guests, mostly political commentary. A democrat who bashes democrats. A good range of subjects and guests, as well as call-ins.

Joel Vincent - A range of topics, and Joel calls his "The Vincent and Company" talk-show, because his listeners pretty much direct the content and direction of the show. Some very alert, informative callers frequent this show. This is where I first heard of Y2K back in June- Heard callers talking about preparations.

I used to listen to both Rush and Dr. Laura but quickly dropped them because of reasons stated by others above.

Used to have a sit down, behind the desk job, doing CADD work, where listening to the radio did not interfer with my work/concentration.

-- Joe (jba@there.com), December 06, 1998.

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