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How many plan on leaving the city's? Will you try to survive or move out?

-- Gary (, December 04, 1998


I plan to stay. Midwest city, pop. 616,000. Have installed security doors, have stockpiled, have my water delivery guy drop off 20 5 gal. jugs monthly (funny, he's never asked why), have installed wood stove, have guns, ammo, small very successful garden, and very little faith in my neighbors.

-- have a (, December 04, 1998.

BTW, one reason we decided to stay is bec. everyone else will be heading out once they're done scavanging. If we can make it thru the 1st month, it should be alright. Wouldn't want to be where the gangs will be heading ... to the country!! With guns ...

-- have q (, December 04, 1998.

Already bugged-out of the suburbs of Chicago last Sept. Now live in the middle of NOWHERE, in a forest with townsfolk who are genuine and loving. Stockpiling and making plans, feeling safe as EVERYONE around us is preparing and are armed to the teeth (as is the culture here).

I almost feel sorry for scavaging gangs stumbling into our community...tolerance for shennanigans by these people is ZERO.

No regrets. Asking myself why I didn't move out sooner.

Wife gave up a $30K a year job, I gave up my small business...and started over. It's tough...but if you prioritize life, anyone can do it.

-- INVAR (, December 04, 1998.

We city dwellers, most of us anyhow, Do Not have the luxury of moving out, or should i say $$$$$. I too have waterboy deliver and am building water supply this way. Remember, distilled keeps longer. I shall say if I did HAVE the money to get out, I would have, but we just purchased our home back in Jan. So we cannot. Trailer in country sounds great, but I will stay put, pray and trust. I get real upset when others keep shouting "get outta the city" or "where theres a will theres a way". Here is my "honest" take, If it is God's time to take me, I will die. No doubt. If my number aint called I'll stick around. I NO LONGER am willing to let others berate me for what I can only do as my humble best. Period. If I could I would but I cant so I wont. Works for me. On a personal note, why are peo;le so afraid to die? We are only here for a short while anyhow. Sure, if we can prevent it, do so. But even if we "do so" and some creep comes into our homes and murders us, we need to enjoy NOW our life. Prepare and enjoy. We dont know what 'our' future holds anymore than we really know what y2k has in store, now do we?

-- consumer (, December 04, 1998.

Consumer - I am in the same boat (and city) as you. I totally agree. My sig. other and I are not in a position to leave the city. Instead, we have opted to fortify, plan, and pray.

-- Christine A. Newbie (, December 04, 1998.

You can survive in the city if you have prepared and planned. If your chummy with your neighbors and they "get it" and are stashing too, that's cool. However, if you stand alone, keep your lips sealed as to what you are doing. Have your plywood ready to cover your windows in case a gang decides to break in. Plant those blackberry bushes around the perimeter of your house now. Have a plan of action with your family involved with different scenarios that could happen. I truly believe living in a big city is not the best place to be. I live in the country and I am not as vulnerable. If your frightened to walk your neighborhood at night now, imagine what it will be like WTSHTF.

-- bardou (, December 04, 1998.

My family plans to be out of our MSA (pop. 400,000) by the end of the first quarter '99. We're moving into a rural area 100 miles from the nearest MSA. Don't think the looters will get that far (I hope).

-- Nabi Davidson (, December 04, 1998.

In the city. Big guns.

"Hey, man, lemme in or I blow your head off!" fire gun at door. BLAM! "fuck off!!"

-- Jerry (, December 04, 1998.


Two or three like that and you'll need a new door. Where you gonna get it? And then there's the smell, and the flies. And hoping the guys outside don't have any matches. Oh well.

-- Tom Carey (, December 05, 1998.

Doors from door shop. easy.

bugspray, PSSSSSSSS, no more flies. Also if no more bullets, bugspray in asshole's face, PSSSSSSSS, no more asshole. Matches useful for this too; "hey buddy, got a light?" "yeah" "want a spray?" "huh?" PSSSSSSSignitebymatchesBOOM! kentuckey fried face, now serving!

you got the questions, I have got the answers!!!!!!!!!!!


-- Jerry (jerry@jerry.jerry.jerry!!), December 05, 1998.

Keep plenty of ammo.

The thugs will run out eventually.


How would you like to move in and be our bodyguard? :)

-- Anti-Chainsaw (, December 05, 1998.

And don't forget the bug spray! Maybe oven cleaner would work better.

-- Light up My Life (, December 05, 1998.

Hey Jerry

Why don't you go knocking on some doors? Start at my place. (If you can find it)


-- Uncle Deedah (, December 05, 1998.

I really don't think the match + aeresol is such a good idea. Too dangerous. Last thing you need is for your building to catch fire, not to mention your arm.

Silence is much better, I think. Tell your neighbors you're going to the country for the holidays, fake a departure & then bunker in. Let the paper & mail pile up for a couple of days ahead of time, just for effect.

This would be especially effective if you have a false wall in the closet or something (a la "Burglar" w/ Whoopi Goldberg), so you can rob your own apt. & leave the door ajar. Looters won't waste much time where there appears to be nothing to loot.

This must sound stupid, I suppose, but it can be done. Just ask my Uncle Fritz, and he will regale you for hours with stories of how he & Aunt Lucy had families of Jews & others hiding in their basement in Berlin until they themselves could get out. They had a large-ish house, but Uncle Fritz knew folks who had devised some pretty spiffy hidey holes for people in their homes.

Nothing will be easy for a long time, not for any of us. Each of us will survive if we can, however we can. The cities will be terrifying, but so will the remote farmhouses all alone in the dark. Staying in the city does not foretell certain death, just a different set of circumstances to manage.

I ramble. Sorry.

-- Arewyn (, December 05, 1998.

You got me if I am moving from the city. Let me explain this. I'm in Southern California. I rescue dogs animals. I needed to move for them. The only right place is Hesperia/Apple Valley. Here's the hitch. Hesperia for years now is where deep inner city welfare from L.A. is moved. These high desert communities are notorious for this. When I confronted Y2K I cancelled but I decided I was over reacting. I need to move Y2K or not Y2K. I'm going to do it but as you can see my "moving to the country" is probably the most dangerous thing I've ever done in my life. My vote is if you can stay put don't budge. I'm a dog rescue and thus can't stay put especially as I'm going into Chowchows. I'm spooked to go out there. I am. No bravado here.

-- Paula (, December 05, 1998.

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