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Today I encountered a woman that wanted to know about Y2K. I have been telling so many people so many things on so many different levels that I am going brain dead. I need a site, etc. where there is precise and condensed information to print out so that I can hand it to the newbie. She said she watched 60 Minutes and from the segment she felt things were going to be ok. She informed me the only major dsruptions would be in train transportation.

-- Linda A. (, December 04, 1998


Michael Hyatt's y2kprep site contains a good overview of the situation.

-- Vic Parker (, December 04, 1998.

Ed's Book or his video.....Video is apparently concise and the book is comprehensive but, well, as concise as it can be and still be comprehensive


-- Chuck a night driver (, December 05, 1998.

Linda, personaly I think that people who don't want to get, or can't get it, will not get it no matter what facts or proof you show them.

Myself, all it took was one article no more forceful or scary than the 60 minutes segment to lead me to do my own research.

I've been shoving facts from the most reputable sources I could find in my husband's face since last March, but he still refuses to "get it". He's making excuses that he's too busy to do his own research. Will not read the articles I give him, I read them to him in bed at night and often he falls asleep before I'm finished. It's definitely a strong psychological defense mechanism of denial we're dealing with when trying to "wake up" people. They don't want to be woken up. He's not fighting me making preparations anymore, but he's not pro-active or much help either.

My husband is intelligent and he owns a very successful construction company. He's hired a computer consultant to make his business compliant, was told it was all fixed, and that's the extent of his Y2K worries. He's not a techy for sure, he's a "nuts and bolt" man and perhaps that's another factor, i.e., he isn't as aware as techies of the magnitude of the problem and isn't interested in techy stuff, which makes it easier for him to go into denial mode.

But sometimes, I get particularly worked up and eloquent, and I see a glimmer of fear in his eyes. But then it fades away quickly and his life resumes as before.

-- Chris (, December 05, 1998.

Some of the best concise preparation information is at The Cassandra Project. I think I have an old URL...they've changed providers....just do a web search for Cassandra project.

My friend, Faith Weaver has a site that has a good collection of good links:

Or right-click on this hyperlink to open in new window: Y2K Prep

-- Donna Barthuley (, December 05, 1998.


Don't wanna get its (DWGIs) can be tough. If you haven't tried the 'your hard-earned money is at risk' approach yet, see my first post on the Fractional Reserve Banking - Some Questions thread which is active now. Check out the link called CHART. It's helped me break through several DWGIs emotional barriers, maybe it can help you too. Worth a try anyway.

Perhaps you should continue reading to 'hubby' even after he falls asleep - maybe his subconcious will get it - who knows.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 05, 1998.

My sig-other was "somewhat" on board when I first told him about Y2K - didn't believe things would be so bad - or at least they would only be temporary. "They'll fix it after a few days." I just started spending extra money each time I went to the grocery store (and do you think he would honestly notice at first). Now that my supplies of beans, rice, etc. are spilling (okay, not literally) out of the pantry, he takes the threat more seriously. Also, when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I mentioned a few non-food items for Y2K prep. Slowly but surely he is "getting it." He doesn't go to the store to prepare - but has mentioned a few things he like to mail order so that we can be better prepared.

Persistance. Persistance. Persistance. (coupled with subtlety, subltety, subtlety)

-- Christine A. Newbie (, December 06, 1998.

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