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Does anyone know what makes up a good y2k infrastructure y2k testing enviorenment.

I would appreciate it.


-- G Rahi (, December 04, 1998


We've built an exact duplicate of our production system using all Y2K ready system software and hardware. Unfortunately, a lot of places don't have the $$ resources to do that. They're mostly relying on tools to simulate a future-dated environment. We used a tool called HotDate that allows you to simulate a future date in your production environment (this was for teams that may have missed a mandatory testing date on the LPAR). HotDate is a product of Symantec Corp and doesn't come very cheaply these days.


-- deano (, December 04, 1998.

It depends on your op system, style and type of data exchange, format of exchange (phyical too - and to who you're sending data), number of remote and local terminals (but only to a very to a small degree), type of hardware, network, admin system, and the purpose of each different type of test.

Example - checking data entry screens requires a simple duplicate of the "typical" entry-level machine or terminal. Doing a full-scale integration test requires more, but running a regression test (does the new porgram still work correctly on the old current) data and current year?) requires a "simple" dupe of your current data and current system on your current hardware.

Need more info from you to help you more, buddy.....

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, December 04, 1998.


Thanks for the help.

I have tried looking for the product that you mentioned 'HotDate'.

I am looking to test a hardware infrastructure ie servers (NT, Netware, Unix....), switches, hubs, routers, modems and so on.

I am not able to reproduce the production infrastructure but only test individual systems and then carry out a small amount of integration testing.

If you can help in this I would be grateful.


-- Gee (, December 09, 1998.

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