Have you seen the Year 2000 Home Preparation Guide?

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I have just received and watched Ed Yourdon's Year 2000 Home Preparation Guide video. Areas covered include: Food & Water, Heat & Light, Health & Safely, Money & Personal Finances, and more! I've researched y2k for hundreds of hours on the net (and read Time Bomb 2000) and I still picked up some new and good ideas. This is a great tape to share with family and friends. It is about an hour in length and is a "down to earth" review of basic y2k preparation. I give it two thumbs up! If you want your own copy phone: 1-888-Y2K-4YOU or visit: http://www.readyfory2k.com This post is my thank you to Ed & Jennifer for this forum.

-- ronbanks (phxbanks@webtv.net), December 04, 1998


Does anybody know if this video is available in stores? I don't use credit cards.

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), December 04, 1998.

I got my copy today and it is excellent & well worth the 19.95. You can send in your order so I would guess they would accept a check or money order. I would call the 800 number & just ask. I'm not sure but I don't think it's available in stores (yet anyway). 1-800-285-7776 Good luck!! Donna

-- Donna in Texas (Dd0143@aol.com), December 04, 1998.

Hey! Please remember whose table you're sitting at! Could we get a few more comments on this very good video? Thank you......

-- ronbanks (phxbanks@webtv.net), December 07, 1998.

I purchased and have now watched the video. I did not learn much new but then I've been Y2K-aware and actively preparing for several months now. This tape is definitely aimed at the newly-aware.

The video walks a fine line between real, practical information and infomercial. No, they don't spend time talking about specific brands and it doesn't flash 1-800 numbers across the screen, but the accompanying catalog contains many of the items you'll see in the show. This is not necessarily bad and a lot of good information is presented.

If you've been actively researching and preparing for several months, I'd skip the video. However, it's great information for those people who are newly Y2K-aware and are looking for a place to start. But it's only a start.

James Stevens does a pretty good job in the time allotted but IMHO, not nearly enough was covered and some very practical low-cost solutions were left out.

The tape could have easily been much, much longer.

I would have also liked to have seen them include a couple of sheets of recommended books and websites for additional preparedness information.

But for those people who won't take the time to read and research, it's as good a starting point as any.

That's Arnie's take.

-- Arnie Rimmer (arnie_rimmer@usa.net), December 08, 1998.

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