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The url is: The rumors deal with the FAA (I'm so relieved now!! ;o) & the other is about pacemakers. Think I'll check this site a little more often in the coming months. Donna

-- Donna in Texas (, December 04, 1998


There's a folk saying -- Never believe a rumor until it's officially denied.

-- Tom Carey (, December 04, 1998.

But they've only denied two - one of which is already "broken" - because the FAA's programs have been already been recalled from use because of problems.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, December 04, 1998.

Donna, Tom, Robert,

Looks like we have the beginnings of a reliable contrary indicator, as they say on Wall Street.

-- No Spam Please (, December 04, 1998.

I check that site frequently. They haven't changed the rumors section in a few months.

-- Buddy (DC) (, December 04, 1998.

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