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Hello again,

Latest update in my saga of trying to follow your recommendations in the book:

The Sony TCD-D5 AND D7 are both discontinued!!!!!!! :>(

The local Sam Ash music store has suggested the D8 - (I know- you don't recommend that one) and a PCMM1 - do you know anything about that? I wish I could just get the machine you suggested- but everything becomes obsolete right as I have decided to desperately want it! Please help? - Thanks Elly

-- Elly Ball (, December 03, 1998


The TCD-D7 was simply the predecessor of the -D8, so it was discontinued long ago when the -D8 was introduced. The -M1 is a slightly upgraded -D8.

I will check on the -D5, which is an analog cassette machine. I don't think it's been discontinued, but I'll know in a day or two. Meanwhile, I will soon be checking out another machine and will let you know if it's all right to use.

It is incredibly frustrating that the manufacturers ignore the needs of the millions of music students and teachers in this country, isn't it? There's no technical or economic reason why a perfectly fine machine for our purposes couldn't sell for say $450, yet no one makes such a machine.

-- James Boyk (, December 03, 1998.

The TC-D5M is still available. You can view info about it at Sony's website: estandardcassetterecorders/tc-d5m_specs.shtml

-- Nathan Dalleska (, February 01, 1999.

I had some difficulty purchasing a D-5 last year. Most stores, even those that specialize in Sony, don't know it exists. Eber Electronics in San Francisco knows about it and even tries to keep it in stock, when possible. I had to wait a bit to get one, as they were on backorder from Sony. My experience with Eber was quite positive, and I would recommend trying them if you're having problems finding a D-5.

-- Russ Goddard (, February 14, 1999.


I just purchased a TCD-D5 from J&R music in New Yawk, so if anyone's having trouble finding one, they have 'em in stock. Incidentally the price was $699. I inquired about this, and they insist that you won't find a "legitimate" TCD-D5 (factory warranty, dealer authorized by Sony, etc.) for less.

Also, I just purchased the Bayer M-260 mike from Northwest (listed in book appendix). If anyone's having difficulty in obtaining it, call the company (number also in book appendix) and they'll give you several authorized dealer names. You call the dealers, get the best price, and the company will "drop ship" it from their warehouse in New York, since very few dealers carry them. I got mine for $299.

Just thought I'd pass the info along. I can't wait to try them. . .

George Gilliland Amateur Classical Pianist

-- George Gilliland (, March 02, 1999.

Actually the model identification of the deck I found (and bought) was "TCD-5M." There seems to be some confusion on this forum pertaining to the precise nomenclature of this thing. In James' book is is identified as above. Anyway you can still get them at J&R music in New York. George

-- George Gilliland (, March 04, 1999.

TCD-5M, as in book, is correct. There's also a TCD-D5 Pro II, which is much more expensive and not necessarily better.

-- James Boyk (, March 04, 1999.

I lucked out!!! I checked e-bay and found a TCD-D5 for sale for $130. It was in good condition and I had it cleaned up (including the microphone I owned) and I am ready to use it. Keep your eye out for others on ebay.

Hope this helps


-- Ellen Johansen (, December 12, 2001.

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