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I just read an article out of St. Paul(I'm assuming Minnesota). It stated that the mayor was urging churches and synagouges to prepare for a possible y2k crisis. It also said that the Red Cross had contacted a Baptist church and asked them to do the same. Of course, they tempered it with, "We hope we are preparing a lifeboat we will never need"- but this goes right along with another post I started, about how much more open things are getting. DON'T wait in line for pictures with Santa, by more batteries, beans and rice!

-- madeline (, December 03, 1998


I live about 15 minutes outside St. Paul. The mayor of SP is a remarkable man(he should have been governor, but 37% of Minnesotans HAD to elect Jesse "the body" Ventura--yikes!!) St. Paul's been preparing for Y2K for more than 2 years now, thanks to this mayor. I saw him on the news the other night and he did a great job telling people they need to be prepared. We're starting to hear more from the local media on Y2K, but all my neighbors are still, "Y2K--duh?" I'm going shopping again tomorrow.... :>)

-- Scarlett (o', December 04, 1998.

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