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How do you get your family and friends to beleive that Y2K has the potential to be a disaster?

-- Gary Brewer (, December 03, 1998


Your family and friends have to be open-minded about it, Gary? Do they really want to become informed? If so, there is enough sound, reasoned evidence on this site and several others to convince any reasonably intelligent person that the threat is very real. Good luck!

-- Vic Parker (, December 03, 1998.

Hi Gary: If they are on the net you can provide them with links to go to, including this forum. For those that aren't on the web, get them a copy of Ed's book. You can also print out articles that you think they will respond to, based on your knowledge of the person you are trying to reach. It's hard. Sometimes you feel like you are banging the ol' noggin against the wall. I have found that testimony from Senate Hearings usually impress people, as well as information about the problems with the money supply and banks. Hits home, so to speak. Also, read through some of the threads in the archive, especially the awareness category for lots more ideas. Good Luck.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 03, 1998.

It's been said on here before that you don't have to convince someone of Y2K. Find out what they know about it, let them know you're concerned, and let them know you're looking into it. They'll come to you in a few months asking questions.

I just got an E-mail today from an old friend of mine who I mentioned Y2K to this past summer. Here's an excerpt from his E-mail:

"Everytime I hear about Y2K I think of you. I ran into a guy at David's school who moved this summer to Idaho! Why? To escape the potential ramifications of the Y2K problem. Do you still feel as strongly as you did about Y2K? Do you think this guy is overreacting? And what are you mentally planning to do the closer we get to 2000? Have you checked out the Gary North web site about this problem? If not let me know and I will get you the address".

This E-mail did my heart good. You don't have to convince people about Y2K. Plant the seed, and they'll come back to you for more information later...

-- Kevin (, December 03, 1998.

I tell people that the negative information has increased exponentially in the past year from around 20 websites to about 2,000 websites. Articles on the subject are coming out all over the world at a rate of 30-50 per day. So it's not a big deal, huh? Bill Gates will take care of it, huh? I ask them if they have EVER seen one single piece of information in the media that has stated Bill is taking care of it? Well, the response I get.

I go on to tell them that community groups have formed and are growing in numbers by the day where I live. They meet once a week to address questions, concerns, disseminate new information and share ideas. I tell them some of the participants are mayors, bankers, business owners and the like. No kooks allowed.

Then I tell them that if they don't take this seriously soon enough and act responsibly to prepare for the problems ahead, that they had better pray that one of their family members has, and hope like h*ll they are going to be welcome.

That usually registers to some degree, even with the stubborn "head inserted into another orifice" crowd.

If being nice about it doesn't work, then scare the crap outta them. They will thank you...later.

-- (, December 04, 1998.

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