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Lets face it most of De Yourdon posters are more Northoholic than teetotal. More Milnologists than it'll be alright on the nighters.

There must be a "pollyanna" site somewhere that is yin to Yourdon's yan, the re-verse of the ob-verse, the blank verse to our limerick.

Where are they!!!!!!!!!!

Lets flame them (without warning!).

-- Richard Dale (, December 03, 1998


y2k and ???? - The Alternative Y2K Discussion Forum

-- Jack (, December 03, 1998.

Dunno whether you all would consdier it a "pollyanna" site, but the Southern Poverty Law Center's site has an "intelligence report" that is interesting to read.

I hope this url will get you to it.

I am eager to hear what all of you think of this articl

-- Jackie Joy (, December 03, 1998.

Arrrggghhh!!!! This article (Intelligence Report) has just pegged me a right-extremist because I fear social collapse from Y2k!

but but but sir....I'm an atheist who don't belong to either democrats or republicans....I don't belong here!! What do you call ME? I just stockpile beans and purchased a "y2k friendly" vacation home...far away from cities with lots and lots of pure water sources...

-- Chris (, December 03, 1998.

Meanwhile, check out this link to Gary North's web site, on how the John Birch Society blames the Left Wingers for all this silly Y2K hype!!!

John Birch Society & Y2K

-- Jack (, December 03, 1998.


I did read the link. Excellent article. It does not deny that Y2K could be a major problem. It does show how Y2K is being used to promote the agenda of different groups.

I know all about Gary North. I often disagree with his viewpoint, but his links and news articles are too valuable to ignore. His site is valuable--just bear in mind where he's coming from.

-- Kevin (, December 03, 1998.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while the men are busy squabling over political and religious goolash, the women - who never really could understand politics because they dyed their hair blond, and were too busy reading Dr. Seuss stories to their kids - can see with their sixth sense-enhenced brain that all this squabbling is in the way of actually fixing anything, and so are busy making preparations while at the same time working on preparing the community around them, because as you know, women can't live without thier blond-haired gossiping comunities. They'd have no-one to go to and borrow a cup of sugar (or a "How To" book), as an excuse to start a gossip.

-- Chris (, December 03, 1998.

My favorite is "Sceptics other than me", a page by some idiot that that learned HTML, did fourteen hits of acid, then created

The post are a riot, like this one from some moron that thinks all chips' microcode is written in a high level business language: "What about the hardware? The kernal of all microprocessors has not changed since the 1950's (when they were first designed). A lot of things have been added to it (math coprocessors and such) but the heart of the chip, hard programmed in Cobal, has essentially remained unchanged."

-- a (a@a.a), December 03, 1998.

a, without a doubt that "sceptical" website is the winning winner! I still have tears in my eyes from laughing, this is just toooo good!! For convenience, here is an easy link.

Sceptical Y2K site

-- Jack (, December 04, 1998.

Someone should keep track of these pollyanna sites. They're another indicator of Y2K awareness. When do you think their authors will take them down--January, April or July of 1999?

-- Kevin (, December 04, 1998.

Here's one for you

Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot

-- Bugbite (, December 06, 1998.

I repeat these "pollyanna" sites are eerie places.You can't imagine them throwing out the welcoming mat. I'm inclined to say to most members of the forum (even unk.) "You're all welcome at Spring Cottage" (says he rashly). I'm a few thousand miles away (phew). But you know what I mean...

-- Richard Dale (, December 07, 1998.


Let's just stay right here...although the bell curve is kinda skewed

(when you worst-case people realize that all you have is an opinion, not a fact, you'll be a whole lot smarter)

-- John Howard (Greenville, NC) (, December 08, 1998.

John, the same could be said about the best-case people. Anyway have YOU worked on y2k, I know precisely what effect non-compliance would have had on the companies I've worked for. I can't say I know the effect of NC on society. But certainly a large insurance company in the UK would have gone under, is it typical who knows. With Y2k its better to be pessimistic otherwise no-one would have done anything!

-- Richard Dale (, December 08, 1998.


I'm neither best-case nor worst-case; but I think in this issue, as with any issue involved in this thing we call life, being pessimistic is not a good thing to be

-- John Howard (Greenville, NC) (, December 08, 1998.

Being "pessimistic" means that we recognise there is a problem. Would you have been pessimistic about WWII, most people were optimistic thats why it happened (ie we were not armed/prepared). In my experience the IT managers and programmer colleagues who scoffed at the problem (ie optimists) were to blame.

-- Richard Dale (, December 08, 1998.

and the pollyanna sites win!

Gary North *IS* a big fat idiot!

So is the mixed up music man (double idiot) and diane nazi squire.

-- dick dale (, May 21, 2002.

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