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A friend made the statement that in the year 2000 there will be no elections if the computers fail. Clinton would remain in office and that is why he does not/did not/will not resign. What are your thoughts

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), December 02, 1998


That's why Hulk Hogan has decided to run. If Clinton doesn't want to move out, the Hulk will simply beat him to a pulp and take control!

-- infoman (infoman@web.com), December 02, 1998.


I posted this on another thread, and thought it directly relevant to your question so I'm re-posting it to get your thoughts.

...The fact that some of you are entertaining the notions that Clinton has alterior motives in his governance and silence about Y2K, says much about Clinton's credibility doesn't it? I've heard a few slams at Bush over the NWO, but NEVER heard even ardent supporters of that theory suggest he would undermine U.S. sovereignty for it. Now look at Clinton, he actually DID undermine our soverignty selling missle technology to China for campaign bucks --- and no one cares!. My, my how far we've fallen in such a short time.

But know this, Clinton has been looking for crisis after crisis since his first inauguration. We had a "health care crisis", and "education crisis", a "tobbacco crisis", a "global warming crisis", an "internet crisis," a "gun crisis".... crisis after crisis in order to implement some stupid government oversight program or more money to be thrown at some govt. agency to regulate it, in order to give this guy a "legacy" or platform his Administration would claim credit for. We have surrendered more freedoms to this administration WILLINGLY, to ensure our personal security than at any time in our history.

The Y2K crisis is a real crisis. Don't think for a moment he isn't aware of it. They are biding their time, for when the American people realize their way of life is in jeapardy, and cry out for their Savior Bill, their King to save them as the sheeple have now for 5 years for every other perceived threat there was. The only question in my mind is will Bill scare the crap out of them as he did with the Health Care and Medicare scam in order to "justify" Executive Orders? Or will he just wait for the media to set the stage for him? Perhaps both?

The bottom line is Clinton is going nowhere. He has demonstrated EVERY trait that the world's modern dictators have demonstrated through history. He loves power. He has no regard for law or the Constitution. He uses people. He politically assasinates his detractors. He creates emotional ties to himself. He has corrupted every independent agency in our government that served as a system of checks and balances. His motives are for self-preservation only. He is a liar. He talks through legal prisms. He demands loyalty to him above all else. He has an inner circle of elites that will do anything to protect him, even be destroyed themselves. He divides people through classifications ("The rich need to pay their fair share - It's a right-wing conspiracy"). He denounces what is decent. He rejoices at what is vile. He is evil.

He will be crowned King by the emotionally-driven sheeple who looked the other way at perjury and treason (as to not upset their economic apple cart), who when the Y2K winds begin to blow, turn to their Prez for safety and refuge. And he will oblige them. And America as we know it will be over. What's left of us after we rend ourselves apart will become a state of the NWO, by desperation or force.

Clinton is a Global Stalinist folks. Just look at how he governs, and what he WANTED to do in his first term. Look how he's cut down our military. He consults the UN at every foreign policy turn, and puts our troops under their commands. He deploys them worldwide like a meals on wheels to enforce UN resolutions. He derides Americans he politically disagrees with by making claims they should be more like Europeans. He has snubbed and angered many of our allies. He supports despots and leaders of nations that hate us.

I have said before to others that doubt this scenario: why is he fighting so hard to stay in office after the embarrassment he caused himself, his family and the nation if he doesn't plan to stay permanently? Why will he suffer the ridicule and distrust of the nation as a lame duck for 2 more years? What's the motive?

The motive is, he's biding his time. All is in place. All the independent agencies are his, the Congress is afraid of him, and the sheeple are mesmerized by him. Y2K will be his Trump card. He's known about it for 6 years, and appointed a czar to oversee a special committee at his behest. Y2K WILL be the crisis that finally galvanizes the nation to unconditionally surrender to Federalism, in order for each to hold onto what is his.

So as time ticks away each second....closer to 2000, the time will come sometime soon, shortly before or after panic, when we who are awake will shudder when we hear the words "My fellow Americans..."

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear... - Revelation

-- INVAR (gundark@aol.com), December 02, 1998.

INVAR is right, I fear, but if we end up with TEOTWAWKI, it won't really matter much anyway. If that is our fate, the military and the government won't be able to function anyway. I agree, too, that Slick Willie is very much aware of y2k and its implications. Having observed him in action these past few years, we all should realize that he is looking for a way to remain in office. Sadly, I expect great numbers of "Americans" to beg him to save us.

-- Vic Parker (rdrunner@internetwork.net), December 03, 1998.

Come on you've just got to persuade people to vote for your side if you don't like Klint.

BTW does he think he's JFK II, man on Mars by end of decade stuff.

On the other hand if the country is in a state of emergency because of y2k, govts can do anything (till its over).

-- Richard Dale (rdale@figroup.co.uk), December 03, 1998.

Bill Clinton went to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. Do a little research into Cecil Rhodes, Oxford, Bank of England, etc. Clinton is the current frontman for a small but powerful cabal of Globalists. These people created and maintain the global money supply. Historically they have done things like lend money and sell arms to both sides in a conflict. Prescott Bush, George's father was instrumental in building up Hitler, and George learned the lesson well, and built up Saddam.

Clinton, goofy southern boy that he is, did not get to be the "leader of the free world" without a lotta help from a lot of powerful people. The president of the United States is not a position that just anyone can attain. Ya gotta play the game. This man is not dominated by his wife, he's not as dumb as he acts sometimes, and he is part of a scheme that goes back at least as far as Franklin, Hamilton and Jefferson, in this country, to create a single world government.

I personally do not believe for a second that he did not know exactly what would happen when he chose a 21 year old intern to have sex with. Young women like that simply cannot keep their mouths shut, and I'm certain that he knew she would blab. When you're trying to create a single world government, scandals like that have a way of making a nation look ridiculous, and if citizens of a nation feel ridiculous, they will be more willing to give up their national sovereignty.

I think whether or not Clinton has plans to declare martial law in order to increase his own power is basically irrelevant. Global power is shifting from the nation state to the corporate state, and that's where it will end up. Y2K may destroy the nation state, but it will not destroy the corporate state. If anything, it will give more power to the corporate state, as huge numbers of companies "go out of business" and everything is snapped up by the handful of corporate entities that survive. More transactions will be local, more power will be global. I have a feeling that Clinton was probably one of the original "Get it's" and he's keeping his mouth shut in order to serve his corporate masters...

-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), December 03, 1998.

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