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I have a cousin that is in mid to upper management in a fairly large bank here in the South. He told me over Thanksgiving that they were within 8 weeks of being through with their remediation. Hardware has been changed out in most locations, etc., etc. In other words, good news. I made the comment that at least he didn't have to worry then. His reply was that even though they would have a good amount of time to test (almost all of 1999), you could bet they were in for lots of nasty surprises as the testing moved forward. Furthermore, he said that even if this went great, with few problems, when they "went live" they were going to have a mess because of all the interconnections. Now while this is nothing new to what we've all been hearing, I did find it interesting to hear it from someone this high up in a bank. Sorry I can't give the name of the bank, but he would obviously like to keep his job!

-- Greg Sugg (, December 02, 1998


Seems like your cousin has reasonable expectations.

-- No Spam Please (, December 03, 1998.

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