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Hey all,

I was just thinking that maybe the legal/technical split that Enoch and I decided on isn't going to work, because of too much repetition. I don't want to change things majorly at this point unless everyone sees the issue, so here goes what I think might be a better organization, although it will be more difficult for me and Enoch:

- Labelling Analyzing both technically and legally what is being done here (if anything at all). Difficulty on Labeller and Reader sides?

- Barriers Same issues as above plus: how flexible are the barriers? how safe are the barriers? Does flexibility involves a weakening of the safety? Is there a good range of types of barriers for different needs and budgets? (more along those lines)

- Intrusion Detection and Punishment Similar issues.

Basically, I'm looking at a much more thematic evaluation than one that splits up things conveniently for writing purposes. Please comment ASAP, as Enoch and I are both in the process of writing right now... if you think this doesn't help the section, then we'll stick with what we have for now.

-- Anonymous, December 02, 1998


Okay, after talking things over with Lydia, I have come up with a new outline for a part of the evaluation, such that we keep this thematic approach without necessarily trashing the legal/technical distinction.

-- Anonymous, December 02, 1998

Hmm, don't know why I submitted that so quickly.

Anyways, check it out this new outline online:

-- Anonymous, December 02, 1998

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