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The silence of the supposed uber-policy-wonk Clinton on y2k is absolutely amazing. However, it is easy to criticize when one has no responsibility. My question is: (one post equals one question, and one captured weapon/ammo, right? ;)

If you were Clinton today, what would you do re y2k ?

1. silence - the y2k "got it"s scold you for cluelessness or assume you are holding out on some very dark stuff.

2. announce Canadian/Brit/Scot style mobilization preps. The anti-totalitarians (like me) scream that you are making the final move in the "Imperial conversion" (cf Chittum: Civil War II) to a police state.

3. [ please fill in - what would YOU do, TODAY ? ]


-- runway cat (, December 02, 1998


Encourage the national newsmedia to start turning up the Y2K dial. Not make a "national" announcement until after the holiday season, so as not to disrupt the big sales season for business big and small. Wait for a trigger event. Wait to see if I get impeached for lying once. Might just decide all the upset over lying once is not worth doing again. Jury, uh Congress, is still out on that one. Make contingency plans.

-- Diane J. Squire (, December 02, 1998.

Should clarify, before I get flamed. In the above, I'm trying to think like Clinton (Ouch), and what "he" would/is doing at this timing.

NOT what I would choose AT all!


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 02, 1998.

That's true - if "I" (Clinton) were not going to be in office then, then its Gore's problem -> so who cares.

1) Hope its minor ('cause I can't do enough now to prevent it)

2) Declare martial law (after 2nd day) so it appears "I am control", "I am reacting to your need to save you from yourself...see I am all helpful."

3) Use martial law to outlaw, then confiscate any weapon known to be in private hands. Start with the national registry of gun owners (aka Brady Bill database, NRA membership list, etc.)

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, December 02, 1998.

One thing that is recognizable by J.Q.Public is to "declare war" on Y2K. This will be total nonsense though. We have already declared war on drugs, homelessness, etc. What have been the results? It is one thing they may do though.

What's needed, IMVHO, is to follow Leon Kappleman's suggestion, in his letter to Clinton, calling for an immediate national and global state of emergency.

-- Rob Michaels (, December 02, 1998.

>>What's needed, IMVHO, is to follow Leon Kappleman's suggestion, in his letter to Clinton, calling for an immediate national and global state of emergency. <<

Addressing only the call for a national state of emergency, (since a "global" state of emergency is an utter impossibility) why would anyone in their right mind contemplate the voluntary suspension of our Constitution??? We would NEVER see our rights again!

-- Elbow Grease (, December 02, 1998.

For Clinton to do anything which promotes publicity or awareness of Y2K by the general public, befor April 15, 1999 would be foolish. He may be genuinely concerned about the welfare of the people, but he is not stupid. People will inevitably find out thru leaks in the business world and eventually, the media. But if the government were to voluntarily reveal the vulnerability of the I.R.S. collection system, my guess is they would probably loose about 20% of their take in April. That is not just Clinton's paycheck, but everyone in government. Not to mention the anarchy, which can, theoretically, be postponed until much closer to the "Big 2000" rollover.

-- M.D. (, December 02, 1998.

Elbow Grease:

You are correct about getting our rights and freedom back. My statement sounds senseless by itself. I should have stated that it is based on the assumption that the abrogation of our Constitution is coming anyway (Martial Law, Executive Orders, Presidential Decision Directive #63, etc.). We don't want to see any of it, but I think we will. By doing something this radical now, rather than much later, it is possible that many people's lives will be saved. Perhaps I am wrong in my assumption and/or conclusion. Sorry for any confusion.

Here is a link to the letter that Dr. Kappelman wrote in case anyone is interested in seeing it.

Open Letter to President Clinton from Dr. Leon Kappelman

-- Rob Michaels (, December 02, 1998.

R.C . Just thank God for every day the Federal Frankenstein slumbers on this issue. It gives you and me one more precious day to prepare. Be assured whatever General Secretary Clintax does regarding y2k will exacerbate the problems exponentially. Can you say food rationing, gas rationing, travel restrictions, command ecomomy, nationalized industry ad-nauseum? Get this , the Dixie Mafia Don cares not about your children, you, me, his own child, his wife, his country, or his God. He is a sociopath and career criminal who cares only about his own aggrandizement, and at this point, keeping his lying lilly white backside in the White House. Y2k is a crisis for self-starters and independent thinkers-both fast-dying breeds in America today. I would venture to say if you are posting on this forum, you are luckily one of those few, proud, and more than brain dead individuals. Keep a low profile, and forget about the rotting carcass of the U.S. govt. helping you out. Just take the money they don't manage to steal from you and prepare like hell. Best Regards............

-- doktorbob (, December 02, 1998.

Here is the url for an article Jim Lord wrote, "Is Y2K a National Emergency?" Nov.16, 1998 Donna

-- Donna in Texas (, December 03, 1998.

If I were Clinton I'd:

Resign (deafening roar of cheering support)

Find a haven

Put Govt Agency bosses' jobs on the line re y2k allow Agencies to stop all work as necessary on other projects until y2k is complete

Introduce compulsory audit requirements for companys' y2k compliance

Freeze all other legislation getting in the way of y2k, including postponement of current requirements

Give bite to such organisations as NERC to compel essential services compliance

Consider extended Bank Holiday in 2000 (say 2 weeks)

Forget all useless Govt employment schemes

Reform the US legal system

Reform the US education system

-- Richard Dale (, December 03, 1998.

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