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In case you guys don't understand how to use this, i am going to try to explain it the best way that i can. Here goes:

Basically what this is is a place where you can post a message about what is happening with your family at the momment, and also give you the opportunity to read what our other family members have posted. If you have something the whole family needs to hear, it is a lot easier to post it here than it is to send everyone e-mails. So i hope this makes it easier for you all.

To post a message: *click on the "ask a question" link at top of page *fill out the information boxes (name, e-mail address, etc.) *fill out your message in the big text box *press the submit button *your message will then be posted for all to see

To read a message: *click on the subject line of which you want to read *read the message

To respond to a message/answer a question: *click on "contribute an answer to ... " *fill out boxes (name, e-mail address) *fill out your response in the big text box *press the submit button

PLEASE NOTE: *Ignore the stuff at the bottom and you won't be confused by it*

*If there are any further question, either post a message or e-mail me at

-- Anonymous, December 01, 1998

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