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I would like to find people's oppinions on what the best Konica mid-range zoom (28-100mm, 35-100 ect...) is, and where, if possible i might be able to obtain one. Thanks for your input. Jon Potter

-- Anonymous, December 01, 1998


Konica zooms

In my oppinion there are only 2 top quality zooms in Konica range - both AR Hexanon: 35-70/3.5 (62mm filter) and 70-150/4. Both are very sharp and very hard to find. Buy a couple of Konicas best primes: 28/1.8 , 40/1.8 and 85/1.8 and (with a top quality FT-1 body) you4ve got a manual system delivering quality comparable to best Canons/Nikons (only on Fuji Reala and Velvia, nicely compensating for a slightly less contrast of AR lenses - when compared with best Nikkors and Leicas). Good hunting!

-- Anonymous, December 02, 1998

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