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Take a look at your own state, then look at mine, Texas. 0% remediated/tested. I wanna cry.

-- James Chancellor (, December 01, 1998


Speaking of States, I just had a good idea: Everyone, move to Western Australia!

Get some land on the coast. It probably doesn't cost much. If you look at a demographic map of Australia, you'll see that for looters to get there from the populated east coast, they'll have to cross roughly four thousand (and that's assuming a straight line, which would be impossible given the nonexistence of roads across the Red Centre) miles of dust and dirt. The only possible threat would come from the people of Perth, which is a tiny little city anyway and about 600 miles to the south of where I'd settle. The West Coast of Australia is probably as good as the East Coast anyway. It should have the same kind of soil, if you hug the coast. It'll have wells and fish. It's quite probably the emptiest region in the world, so there is NO threat of looters (in fact, I wouldn't even bother with a gun if I was going to live there..well, maybe a rifle for getting `roo meat, but nothing to fight people with.)

Sorry to go off onto such a diverse tangent, but it just occurred to me then.


-- Leo (, December 01, 1998.

James, Thanks.

Note: Survey results reflect "best guess" estimates on behalf of the states and is as current as the dates listed in the column "Date Last Updated."

That just thrilled me. California at 50%. At least I got some more e-mail addresses!

-- Diane J. Squire (, December 01, 1998.

These results are self-reported, no doubt, so consider that. I'm a Texan, too, James, but I seriously doubt if any other state is much ahead.

-- Vic Parker (, December 01, 1998.


Man that is sooooooo tempting!


-- MVI (, December 01, 1998.

oh wow! Pennsylvania, my state, claims to be 99% compliant. I scrolled through them all, and the differences in number of "mission critical" system, percentage of these systems converted, and estimated budgets is staggering.

For example, New York claims to have 43 MC systems, of which 73% is converted, and estimates total costs at $304 millions, while Pennsylvania claims it has 469 MC systems, of which 99% is converted, at a total cost of $26 millions.

What is it that Pennsylvania is doing soooooo right and sooooo cheap?? And why does Pennsylvania, who has a population of 11 million has so many more mission critical systems than New York, who has 18 million people?

Shouldn't Governor Ridge be the Y2K czar for the USA??

Questions questions...

-- Chris (, December 01, 1998.

State of Tennessee,

"We are tracking 233 systems of which 149 are classified as mission critical. Mission critical systems are at 59 percent completion.

We are 90 percent complete based on man hour effort for all applications; remaining applications are scheduled for 12/31/1998 completion date.

$15.5M - estimate for total Y2K effort. Funding - The Appropriation Bill for 1997-1998 provided $6M and the Appropriation Bill for 1998/1999 provided an additional $4M for a total of $10M.

LOL, This is the volunteer state. So where is the other $5.5M coming from? Donations?

-- Anna McKay Ginn (, December 01, 1998.

State of Indiana:

51 critical systems...only 4 % done. I can only lower my eyes and shake my head.

-- Alive in 2001 (, December 01, 1998.

CHUCK,,,,,WHERE ARE YOU? Ohio = 32% This is Worse than I thought. We are in Serious trouble and is this the worst rating? Anyone know if any other is worse off than us? Oh my. I knew I should'nt of went there.

-- consumer (, December 01, 1998.

Wisconsin: % completed: N/A!!! (guess that means nothing needs to be done?!?!); comments: NONE!!!

Loads of helpful info there... ARGHHHH

-- Steve Hartsman (, December 02, 1998.

The commonwealth of Kentucky says its mission-critical systems were 58% compliant last month. The trouble is, Kentucky thinks it's only going to spend $7.1 million on Y2K.

Indiana, which only had 4% of its mission-critical systems ready as of July, 1998, plans to spend $34.6 million on Y2K.

I'm not getting a good feeling here.

-- Kevin (, December 02, 1998.

Our county (Frederick, Md.) claimed in the paper approx. 2-3 months ago they were Y2K Compliant and only spent $660.00 on one chip. hmmmm, Then why did our county next door (Carroll) spend $2.5mil to get compliant and is still not sure they are ready. Then we saw another article a few days ago that the county is re-evaluating our compliancy. hmmmmmm, wonder why the change of heart?

-- Greg (, December 02, 1998.

Funny, isn't it, how whenever you supposedly are trying to get any kind of "apples to apples" comparison on what it takes to fix the Y2K problem, you get such diverse answers. And the fact that there is not a single state that can, today, claim to be finished, also is sobering.

Could it simply be that the Y2K problem is so pervasive that no one can really even gauge it, much less fix it? How else to explain such widely divergent answers???

(And note that this database of states obviously cannot take into account all the external connections that all states depend on [e.g., to the Fed Govt].)

-- Jack (, December 02, 1998.

uh oh...interesting to note that Ohio only has 200 MC systems. Although, as of October 1, 1998 they have not completely identified all potential embedded systems. Of course, how do you inventory "potential" anything? And why do we only have 200 MC? Compare to our neighbor PA?

consumer or chuck - any idea of where to go for Cuyahoga County info? I am a denizen of Cleveland - and a little frightened of how the mayor is reacting to Y2K? Any suggestions?

-- Christine A. Newbie (, December 02, 1998.

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