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I am having trouble putting our logo on the front page. I can get the logo to appear in an article, using the [image] tag, but this doesn't seem to work on the front page. Instead, the page displays a very long number, which I assume is the number assigned to it in the Pluto database. How can I fix this?

-- Todd Anderson (todd_anderson@jbcc.harvard.edu), December 01, 1998


Are you editing the Front Page HTML template? That's where you have to make changes to the content of the Front Page. You'll find it in "Your Home Base" -- "Edit Sections". The file is called "Front page HTML".

Since that page is really a template, rather than an "article", you can't use the [image xxx] tag to place images. Instead, use the standard HTML image tag. You can use the square bracket notation to indicate the ID of the image.

So, for example, if you've uploaded an image and it becomes #234, then you can add an image tag to the Front Page template of the form:

<img src=[234] align=left> Using, of course, whatever other tags you like inside the img tag -- the align tag is just one example.

-- Inge (inge@media.mit.edu), December 01, 1998.

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