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I just got word from two diffrent drivers for a trucking company that there trucks have a problem , for some reason there computers in the truck , turn there trucks off every day at 700pm. The drivers were told that they were given the rong dates when they were came from the shop, these are NEW Mack trucks , and for some reason that they do not know the shop says that they can not be changed , And for some reson they shut off, where ever they are the turn off including going down the road. this is in Youngstown Toys-r-us dist whse. Check it out, sounds like a lot of fun ...

and they said that computers dont realy do all that much, know i dont know if this is Y2k relateed , but it makes you think.

Mongo so what i cant spell, HEHE

-- Ron (, December 01, 1998


I'd hate to be driving down a mountain in Tennessee or somesuch place at 7PM :< I don't like roller coaster rides at all...and chicken is definately not on my favorite game list.

-- More Dinty Moore (Not @this, December 05, 1998.

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