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This article is on the Westergaard site today. It's about mainstream awareness over the holiday period. Looks like at least some FIs (forget its) and DWGIs (don't wanna get its) have moved up the Y2K Evolutionary Scale to join us Get Its, IMHO.

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Y2K Weekend

-- Rob Michaels (, December 01, 1998


Geez, Maybe the media might someday wake up. Can somebody say "Story of the Century"

Tom Mcdowell

-- Tom Mcdowell (, December 01, 1998.

Without a doubt, Y2K awareness took a big leap within the last few days. But to say that the "60 Minutes" show "provided a serious, comprehensive review of the matter" is, quite frankly, wacky. Any "awareness" treatment of Y2K that does not address the serious problems that will occur in 1999 can hardly be considered as providing decent coverage.

-- Jack (, December 01, 1998.

The one thing that sticks in my mind is what Dan Rather said as a lead-in to the Monday "Eye on America" piece with Olmstead. He said something to the effect, "Now we have a story that you're going to be hearing a lot more about in the coming days..." I think this is only the beginning for CBS.

-- Buddy (DC) (, December 01, 1998.

Yep. And we can all help them with more story ideas.

-- Diane J. Squire (, December 01, 1998.

Hmmm... Hmmm... How about the "trap door" problem -- the nefarious tricks consulting remediation programmers are employing as we speak to funnel $millions in unauthorized payments to unauthorized bank accounts? Hmmm... Hmmm...

LOL I cannot believe no one made a comment on this little line at the bottom of the page!

-- Anna McKay Ginn (, December 01, 1998.

not too long ago i had occasion to speak with an mis manager at the ny da's office in nyc.

he told me that the 'mob' is already heavily infiltrating businesses with remediation/consulting companies that, once they begin 'fixing' y2k problems then set up funnels to begin transferring that company's dollars to a mob-controlled account somewhere.

unbelievable but true

-- Lou Navarro (, December 01, 1998.

I am a hairdresser in a very busy salon, and with the exception of a few customers who have been candid with me about what they know about y2k,(as in what they knew based on where they worked) I had not heard any talk "on the floor". Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Well, today there were 2 seperate incidences where a customer initiated the conversation with the stylist. I couldn't hear exactly what was being said, but kept hearing phrases from the stylists and other customers like,"What does water have to do with computers?" and "The government will NEVER let that happen!"-the former comment being made by a female customer in her 50's. I could see that the women that I work with were trying to steal glances at me to see if I was listening. You could tell that they wanted the whole conversation to end so they could go back to sleep and spend lots of money on their new houses, and Christmas gifts... Anyway, the point of all that was, is that it seems to be more "socially acceptable" to talk about y2k. I can feel the tidal wave beginning to swell, and with more and more articles that I see high-lighted on sites like "Y2K Today" etc. becoming more and more open about how bad things are looking, I can see in the not so distant future things getting very bad. I mean, it's one thing to surmise what we THINK will happen when people "get it", but to begin to see it start is another thing altogether. No matter how much we dream up how bad this will get, it will still be mind-blowing when what has consumed us for so long starts to play out...

-- madeline (, December 01, 1998.

"No matter how much we dream up how bad this will get, it will still be mind-blowing when what has consumed us for so long starts to play out... "

I've been thinking lately that no matter what we dream up, or picture in our minds, whatever actually happens is going to be different. As human beings, we tend to picture someone before we meet them, or visualize a place that we are going to go to before we actually go... and invariably it's different than what we think. If we were to ask the gang what someone looked like on the forum, each would describe the person differently. Should we meet them someday would our image of them be different than the reality? Yes.

This may be a leap but I'm wondering if it is going to be the same with Y2K. I agree that it will be 'mind-blowing', especially since we are tuned in. We have each in our own way been showing previews of Y2K in our own heads, when most folks remain unaware. You are right again about this consuming us now. Some of us are already playing preview reruns, with different casts.

Y2K is like trying to do a 1 million piece jigsaw puzzle with no edges and lots of the pieces missing. It surely will be mind blowing. It will be different than anything we can imagine I think.

P.S. Are you the madeline that is using a local store as your own personal barometer?

-- Rob Michaels (, December 01, 1998.

I knew it was just a matter of time and I would be hearing those words that Dan Rather said! "Now we have a story that you're going to be hearing a lot more about in the coming days!" Because it's true. I see y2k being talked about almost daily now somewhere.... on t.v., radio, grocery store, information in the mail, etc. When I first found out about it and was doing my grocery runs, I felt like I was going crazy and being sneaky...not saying anything to others for fear of them thinking I was NUTS since they didn't even have a clue what y2k was! Now I feel free to shop all I want and just say that I am preparing for y2k. So glad more people are aware of it...just wish they were preparing too. Some are just waiting to see what happens. Don't some of you feel relieved that the "secret" is out? Not that it was to be a secret, but it sure felt like it was one! Blondie

-- Blondie Marie (, December 02, 1998.

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