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It occurs to me to post to you a trick of at least Netcaspe browser.....if there is a hyperlink on a post...and you are in frames...you can RIGHT click on the hyperlink and at the top of the menu you get is "open in new window"...you can leave Yourdon's frames setup and see the link and close it when you are done...and be back where you started.....I just learned this trick recently...it's a help.

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), November 30, 1998


Thanks Donna!

That is very helpful. People posting the actual link rather than the text address think they are doing us a favor, but in reality it makes it difficult for those who want to get out of this frame so they can bookmark it. You solved it!

-- M.D. (md@here.com), November 30, 1998.

Works for MIE too. Thanks.

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@net.com), November 30, 1998.

I've just been keeping two windows open. When there's a hyperlink I want to open, I , [Copy Shortcut], paste it in the other address box, and open that. [Open in New Window] does the same thing, but after several iterations there'd be too many open windows. (I've only got 32 Meg of RAM.)

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), December 01, 1998.

Why not get out of Yourdon's frame altogether. You can use this URL to get directly to the forum in its own window:

http://greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a.tcl?topic=TimeBomb%202000%20% 28Y2000%29

-- Ben Davenport (bpd@nwlink.com), December 01, 1998.

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