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I just acquired a Sunpak 333D thyristor flash with a dedicated Konica module. The manual for the flash refers to a separate manual for the Konica module. I do not have this second manual.

Can anyone tell me how to use this module? It's supposed to couple the flash to the camera. Does this mean it automatically sets the correct aperture, so that I can leave the lens on EE setting? I plan to use it on my FS-1. Will it work on any other Konica bodies? Any help will be appreciated.




-- Anonymous, November 30, 1998


I have a follow up question

This goes along with the message posted above it. Does any one know which bodies can use a dedicated flash? and is it really necessary for the konica's since they are appreture priority rather than shutter like minolta's and such? Thanks for any help. Jon Potter

-- Anonymous, December 01, 1998

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