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Hey all,

So the thing I wanted to mention last night that I thought was cool, but which I couldn't remember, is this.

We should present things (for presentation, exec summary, and paper) by starting with the real world. We show that in the real world, there are containers, and that things work with containers. But the containers are imperfect, because they're not flexible enough. So we've had to patch up the system with very specific laws, like the post-office being sacred kind of thing, the wiretap laws, and maybe even the CFAA.

Then, we move to cyberspace, and we say hey, these containers in cyberspace are much better, much more flexible, and we don't need this patchwork of laws. We can work much more with principles. This is cool (at least from the nerd point of view where generalization is the most satisfying thing to do intellectually).

Maybe I'm just too excited about this way of presenting things, but I think it would work really well, especially in the presentation.

-- Anonymous, November 30, 1998

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