OK, Boys and Girls, it's December! Put up or Shut up!

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A sizeable portion of the Y2K compliance efforts I've seen set December 1998 as the completion date for remediation and commencement of testing. I'd love to see a scorecard of which big players in gevernment and industry are really finishing up this month..... I'm sure they all are.

-- Tom Austin (thomas.austin@osd.pentagon.mil), November 30, 1998


If they haven't finished remediation by December 31, 1998, some with one-year look-ahead programs will have problems in January of 1999. We should start hearing a few things by January 4 or 5, 1999.

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), November 30, 1998.

I'll be keeping an eye on de Jager's site...Promises kept.



-- MVI (vtoc@aol.com), November 30, 1998.

December 1998 should be the completion date for us too- completing preparations. Once the calender reads 1999, millenial fever will touch every one, and the don't-get-its will even begin to wonder,"Hmm, I wonder if that computer thing-y was ever fixed?" The doubting Thomases will then demand more proof, and the ball will slowly gather momentum- I think. It's strange, in August my family determined that we must be ready by the end of 1998, and we thought, "No problem", now we are gonna have to kick butt to get there. Kinda sounds like what IT people must be saying-er-whispering!

-- madeline (runner@bcpl.net), November 30, 1998.

hmmm...cant find the "Promises Kept" page on de Jackass's site -- only a "Y2K Humor Contest" (?)...all those "kept promises" must have overloaded the server...

-- a (a@a.a), November 30, 1998.

A, I saw an article on Gary North's site ridiculing that section mercilessly. I suspect it may have been taken down for lack of response. After all, DeJager has been saying all along "We'll make it!". His credibility rests on that premise. If I were him, with an ego to protect, and no 'kept promises' started flowing in, I'd have removed it too.

-- Oz (whatever@nowhere.com), December 02, 1998.

Think I found it. Try: Promises

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@net.com), December 02, 1998.

The above link is to the Promises to Keep article. There is a link on the home page for the actual promises kept section but it still only has a template for the happy faces to tell the world how they did it.

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@net.com), December 02, 1998.

I cut/pasted the address MVI gave and got to the page no problem. There's no result posted yet though. Although we're still only at the beginning of December. I'll be keeping an eye on that page too.

-- chris (catsy@pond.com), December 02, 1998.

I wrote deJager and asked for a list of those "who kept their promises." His wife wrote back and said that lawyers would not let deJager post them.

-- Dave (dave22@concentric.net), December 03, 1998.

Dave: Thanks for taking the time to get an answer. Wasn't his 'Project Damacles' canned due to the laywers too?

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@net.com), December 03, 1998.

Dave, can he still give you a list via email personally? Perhaps then, you could forward it to those of us who ask? hmm? :)

-- Chris (catsy@pond.com), December 03, 1998.

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